Rejoice! The U.S. is No Longer the World’s Fattest Country?

Rejoice! The U.S. is No Longer the World's Fattest Country

The U.S. is no longer the fattest country in the world, the latest research shows. Is it time to celebrate as more Americans are diagnosed with heart failures and diabetes? Some say the latest statistics on the nation’s obesity is worth noticing.

Despite crippling poverty, drug wars, and hot sweaty weather, Mexico’s obesity rate has overtaken the United States, according to a report from the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization.  Go get a Big Pulp and a Pop-tart ice cream sandwich from Carl’s Junior, because we can celebrate no longer being the world’s fattest country!

The report states that the Mexico’s obesity rate inched up to 32.8%, surpassing our lofty 31.8%.  Diabetes now kills 70,000 Mexicans per year- roughly as many people as the violent drug/gang war.  Blame is pointed to the proliferation of American fast food chains in our southern neighbor, mixed with the fact that about 50% of Mexico lives in poverty, and can’t afford fresh produce.

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The Global Post also calls Mexico’s staple ‘Vitamin T’ to blame: tacos, tamales and tostadas.  These high-carb, high-fat foods were traditionally meant for special occasions but are now eaten daily in modern-day Mexico.

Let’s celebrate with some of America’s finest cuisine:


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