Why Do We Really Hate Millennials?

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Why Do We Really Hate Millennials

Every week, it seems, there is a new editorial trend piece about how lazy and selfish Millennial’s are. How they’re all moving back home to mooch off of their parents and get free room and board. How they’re going to save/destroy the country. How they’re the most narcissistic generation we’ve ever seen.

Which is all a matter of opinion, and won’t mean a thing in another twenty years when we start on the next generation and how lazy and selfish they are. Some of the problems with supposed “studies” on Millennials are that you’re comparing a group of 20-somethings with a group of people who are married and have kids. 20-somethings are always going to be more narcissistic. What you really want to know is, while they were in their twenties, were Gen Xers and Boomers less self-centered or about the same?

But that doesn’t matter. The questions we’re asking now are the wrong ones. It isn’t “how did they get to be this way?” or “how lazy are they really?” that we should be asking, but why do we love to bitch about how lazy young people are? We did it with Generation X, and we did it with the Boomers, and we will do it again. And we aren’t going to stop, even if people do post awesome infographics about why we should on CNN.


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What do we really get out of hating people younger than us? Is it validation or some kind of warped nostalgia?

Judging by some recent articles, it’s either that young people slaughter baby seals and remind people that they’re old, or that they actually spend less money on luxuries and are therefore more selfish (because logic is a thing that happens to other species). Or maybe its just paranoia over how we’ve failed or may have failed or didn’t fail but still could have.

Personally, I’m going to agree with WordPress blogger crabbyoldfart and say that it’s all about the moral decay. Or perceived moral decay, anyway, and the lack of punctuation and proper grammar.


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Change is scary, and there is nothing more disconcerting than finding out that the world has moved on without you. The largest sign of that is the younger generations. We will always look back on people more than ten years younger and say ‘those damn kids are the problem’ because if we don’t, if we don’t say that its all the fault of the Millennials or the Gen Xers, then its ours and nobody likes to be wrong. No one wants to be the problem, because they don’t know how to fix themselves.

So old people, stop it with the crabbiness and the worrying. The world is fine. It’s just different, and thats okay.

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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