Politico Publisher Buys Capital New York, Plans NY Media Takeover

Politico Publisher Buys Capital New York, Plans NY Media Takeover

Is Politico expanding or just a show?

They’re doing it again. Now that Politico has dominated beltway journalism, its publisher, Robert Allbritton, sets his sights on New York City’s wild, wild web. And he’s playing for keeps.

It’s said that the ultimate $250 million sale of the Washington Post to Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos had much to do with what happened back in 2006. That’s when two of its star political reporters, John Harris and Jim VandeHei, jumped ship from the beltway paper to launch Politico, a faster, snarkier, modern, still-trusted online disrupter that would soon poach the staid paper’s audience.

Now, Politico is setting its sights on New York City’s mediascape, which still, despite the Internet’s threat, holds onto its seat as a publishing hub. The company that owns Politico just bought the Capital New York website and is reportedly scheming what could be a serious threat to the New York mediascape, boasting plans to cover culture, media, business as well as New York city and state politics with the same Politico panache that led to its domination as the go-to for beltway buzz.


Politico publisher and chairman of Allbritton Communications, Robert Allbritton plans to fight fire with fire and reportedly plans to amp up staff to four times its current size (look out, Vulture!)

Shifting the weight of its own Politico power players behind the site is sure to make Capital New York a feared competitor. VandeHei, named president of the site, will straddle drafting its content strategy with his role of executive editor at Politico. Politico‘s executive director of editorial operations, Katherine Lehr, is transplanting to the Big Apple to take on the role of veep of operations at Capital New York. Oh boy, nothing brings out the best in journalism like fierce competition. Let the Reader Games begin.

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