Why I am Not Ready to Leave Facebook, I Know It Sucks

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Why I am Not Ready to Leave Facebook


 It’s looking pretty bad for Facebook these days. Our leader, Mark, is being taken to task by the federal government and every day we are learning how much FB knows, like really knows, about us. But despite all of this bad news and all of this new information, I’m still not ready to leave facebook.

 I was 16-years old in 2006 when I signed up for Facebook. I was a kid and all I knew was that Facebook let you post as many pictures as you wanted into an album whereas, on MySpace, there was a strict quota. So I signed up. And ever since then I have been putting information in. And getting connections, replies, likes, tags, messages, calls, invites, and ads out. It seemed like a two-way street up until now, but maybe I have been giving more than I have been receiving. Either way, I’m still not quite ready to leave facebook altogether. Here’s why:

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  • I need it to stay friends with people who live all over the world – I lived abroad, I travelled, I moved around. Without Facebook, how would I keep in contact with them? I might be able to, but not efficiently. So I stay.
  • I need it to keep up on events happening around me – there are so many concerts, shows, comedy clubs, birthdays, BBQs – how would I know about these, know who is invited, tell them I’m coming? So I stay.
  • I need Facebook messenger because it is my only way of communicating with people whose numbers I don’t have. If I didn’t have it, how would I chat with people I don’t really know, or allow other people I don’t really know to chat with me? So I stay.
  • I NEED to be able to stalk old exes or people from high school. It brings me far too much joy to be able to take a sneak peek into their lives whenever I want. So I stay.
  • I need to be the first to see engagement photos, even though it makes me happy, sad, and angry all at once. It doesn’t always bring me joy, BUT it would drive me crazy not to see them. So I stay.


Facebook and Twitter Erase Data from Russian 2016 Election Accounts

See? SO MANY reasons to stick to FB…at least for now.

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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