All About Brad? Rachel Zoe and Brad Goreski’s Latest Drama

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All About Brad Rachel Zoe and Brad Goreski's Latest Drama

One can almost make a bridge from the 1950s movie “All About Eve,” written and directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz — based on the 1946 short story “The Wisdom of Eve” by Mary Orr — to the current fashion feud between stylists Brad Goreski and Rachel Zoe, presented to us by the sensationalist Bravo network.

In the reality TV version, Margo Channing is played by Rachel Zoe, a beautiful, successful, super busy and slowly aging celebrity stylist. The male version of the ambitious Eve Harrington is played by Brad Goreski, the young, shy and talented stylist who can’t help but be starstruck when in the presence of fashion royalty like Diane von Furstenberg or Donatella Versace. Brad was brought by Rachel onto her TV show, “The Rachel Zoe Project,” to help the impatient Taylor Jacobson, Rachel’s main assistant. Brad and Tay (Taylor) never really got along; at some point on the show, Brad showed his true colors when he didn’t interfere in Taylor’s decision not to go to the Paris shows with Rachel. Then it was only a matter of time till Taylor was out of Rachel’s life.


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Once Taylor was gone, Brad took over her position on the show. In front of us, he developed an apparently solid friendship with his boss, which was quite charming and warm at times. But Brad decided to move on, and it is rumored that he “took away” the two Demis (Demi Lovato and Demi Moore). Bravo didn’t waste any time and came up with the show “It’s a Brad, Brad World.” Rachel indeed died after that, and the result was a fashion shutdown and showdown on the red carpet. Was all this really necessary?

I don’t know them or what really went on behind the cameras, but watching the show (yes, I watch such shows), my perception is that they both make it so easy to believe that in such a field, there is indeed a very selfish need to succeed that is stronger than real friendships. Is it naive of me to think otherwise? Do you believe that Rachel Zoe would never expect her assistants to want a career of their own? On the show, it seemed that Demi Moore and Rachel were longtime friends, so why did she just drop Rachel for Bradi? For better dresses?

Brad, with his charms, affirms he has conducted himself with “honesty, dignity and grace,” but if Demi was really the one who went after him, couldn’t he have just said no to her? At some point during the breakup mess, an invitation had to be made in order to be accepted; otherwise Demi would still be using Rachel’s services. Don’t you think? Is Brad really a modern version of Eve? Or is he really just another victim of Rachel’s search for fame and stardom? Not everyone needs to be on a reality show to start a successful career in fashion, or do they now?


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The latest chapter in this stylish soap opera sees Jessica Alba dropping Brad’s skills for the services of the dynamic duo Emily Current and Meritt Elliott, a move that was allegedly orchestrated by Rachel. Now this move can be considered very Nomi Malone, the also ambitious character played by Elizabeth Berkley in the cheesy but entertaining movie “Showgirls.” This is getting funnier and bitchier by the click of a photographer’s camera. Earlier this year, Rachel’s show was canceled after five seasons by Bravo due to low ratings; she blamed it on Bravo for putting Brad’s show right after hers. Brad just announced that after two seasons, he is also taking a break from his show. Is he going bananas? This doesn’t really seem like the right time for Brad to slow down … maybe there is something cooking that we don’t know yet! Looking on the bright side, we no longer have to watch their annoying partners Rodger and Gary. No matter what, the truth is that without Rachel Zoe, there wouldn’t be a Brad Goreski so soon in our lives. So let’s all fasten our seat belts, because this will continue to be a bumpy fitting … are you team Rachel or team Brad?

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