20 Perfect Dates Based on Personality Types

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Successful dates depend on what?

There are a lot of sites, articles, advice columns and even personal friends dishing out their two cents on what The Perfect Date should be. The problem with this almost always unsolicited advice is that ideal images are very personal, always depending on the type of person receiving it.I have for you some surefire suggestions regarding a picture-perfect date, no matter what your personality type, from quirky dates to classy ones, I’ve got you covered!


1. The Hipster

A carnival: What better place to be retro and ironic at the same time? The bright colors, the lights, the sounds and smells — it’ll be as if you’ve entered a Wes Andersen dream sequence! You can enjoy the rigged games of chance, deliciously bad-for-you carnie munchies, and you’ll humbly brag about how crummy/oversized the prizes that you’ve won are to your friends afterward!

2. Mr./Mrs. Wall Street

Go-karting at an arcade: This person is constantly stressed and known in their circles to be a bit tightly wound. Racing each other around a track like children and playing Ms. Pac-Man afterward is sure to relax this in-need-of-a-break workaholic. Ding ding ding!


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3. The Fit Fam

Hiking: You guys live for physical activity, and endurance is your middle name. The more challenging the conquest, the better as you two aren’t afraid of a little sweat and tears. Just make sure you’ve got a protein-packed picnic for the peak!

4. The Social Media Monger

A music festival: It’ll be so loud that conversation is impossible, freeing this ironically disconnected nut up for Facebook, Instagram, Vine and hashtagging to their heart’s content. Get ready to see a lot of their selfies being posted during your actual time together. #forrealtho #noconversation

5. The Blue Collar

Ziplining: The media always portrays these cubicle cuties as being mundane and boring (see: “The Office”). Well, they want to have their fun, too! Gliding from tree to tree a la Tarzan will definitely make their office friends jealous, making you the new subject of interest at the water cooler!


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6. The Alternative

A pottery-making class: This person is up for anything, and everybody they know already knows that. This traditional and safe yet very fun date is sure to throw them and their social circle off, all the while challenging their creativity.

7. The Animal Lover

The petting zoo: These mini menageries aren’t just for kids, people, zoos are always fun! Watch your date get giddy when petting a giant yak for the first time, hand-feeding a slew of piglets or getting head-butted by a billy goat. It’s an experience they’re sure to love and remember, long after the date ends.

8. The Socialite

Brunch: It’s perfect for being seen in the daytime after a night out on the town, complete with drinks and some much-needed sunlight. Opt for a bottomless/endless mimosa/Bloody Mary restaurant so you aren’t watching the constant refills your date keeps getting, wishing you made more money. Just sit back and enjoy the loose conversation al fresco. Bottoms up!

9. The Name Dropper

The local theater: What’s playing in town right now? “Wicked?” Amy Schumer? “Jersey Boys?” Oooooh, “The Book of Mormon!” Well, book those tickets so your Mr. or Ms. Braggy-brag can tell everyone within earshot that they’ve got tickets and can’t wait to go. Remember, if their peers aren’t jealous, you haven’t done your job!

10. The Yuppie

Boating: Whether you’ve got a big Burger or a sexy little Donzi, pack some champagne, fruit and an assortment of cheeses for a Gatsby-worthy summer afternoon. Don’t forget to bring your auxiliary cord so that you and your chaperone can cruise to Sinatra, Bellafonte, Miles Davis and Etta James. All aboard the love boat!


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11. The Country Cutie

One word, bonfire: Not much around you but woods? Well, get into it! Set up a secure fire pit, get s’mores supplies and light the mosquito repellent torches. Don’t forget a blanket to lay on for smooching and star gazing because this is sure to be a hot date!

12. The Urbanite

A comedy club: This person has done everything in the city, maybe even gone to this particular comedy club before. But lucky for you, they have new comics performing daily, so there’s no way they’ve seen this set. Good or bad, the dive bar next door will give you a great platform to dish on what both of you thought of the routine. Enjoy the show!

13. The Beach Bunny

The beach (duh): You can’t get this over-tanned, always-naked, surfing sex god away from their natural habitat, and why would you? Do dinner and a funnel cake on the boardwalk after an afternoon of splashing around and kissing in the sun-filled salty air. Sex on the beach may become more than a drink after this date, if you know what I mean …

14. The Risk Taker

Gambling: This person doesn’t care if they win or lose, it’s the thrill of the game! Give them a bit to play with, a risk on your part, I know, and have at it! Whether they come out on top or end in snake eyes, be ready to get some ice cream afterward to relieve the inevitable losses.

15. The Bookworm

A live reading: David Sedaris is reading his stuff at your local performing-arts spot? Oh wait, J.K. Rowling is reading at the other one! Done! Get the tickets and ask out that bibliophile crush you’ve been dying to know better immediately. Whether they’re a fan or not, any avid reader is sure to appreciate hearing self expression, straight from the horse’s mouth. The more you know!

16. The Foodie

Your kitchen: Ask them what their favorite food is, Google the best recipes and buy the ingredients yourself. This act of pure intention, surprise and genuine interest will speak volumes, whether you burn the soufflé or not. Bon appetite!


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17. The First Date

Anywhere but the movies: A first date is your first impression — don’t ruin it by not talking or looking at each other for up to three hours. Choose a place where you can have an open discussion and learn who each other is without onset limits.

18. The Introvert

A theme park: Nothing will open up this shy guy or girl like the thrill of flying through the air strapped to a car on a track. The adrenaline rush will get your crush talking, and the inevitable public screaming will hinder their fear of vulnerability. Discuss your favorite rides over snow cones and overpriced park beer, it’s all about fun here!

19. The Artist

A botanical garden: Whether they sing, paint, write or dance, this environment is sure to inspire your creative partner one way or another. This person is always looking to make something beautiful, so what better place to be then, surrounded by exotic plants and flowers? So get yourself out of the friend zone and into the greenhouse, book those tickets and win their heart!

20. The Nerd

Comic-Con: Any true-blue geek would kill for tickets to this now very hyped and popular comic book/cosplay convention. So book your tickets early and get that “Naruto” or “Dragon Ball Z” costume prepped and ready for the time of you and your date’s inner child’s lives! Shoryuken!

Until next time, Ariscestocrats!

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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