Pro Tips: How to Keep Cut Flowers Alive Longer

Pro Tips: How to Keep Cut Flowers Alive Longer


I’m completely obsessed with flowers, but I hate to buy them. They die so god-damned quickly and they cost a freaking fortune. We, as a society, need to find a solution.

All I ever want is for my boyfriend to buy me flowers because I absolutely adore them. I can never get enough. Inevitably, however, I get them and then don’t really know what to do to them to ensure they last as long as flowerly possible. So I did some research, and I pass it onto you now:

Here are some ways people try to keep flowers alive longer:

1. Wash the vase you are about to use to make sure there aren’t any gross bacterial remnants from the previous flowers that were in there.

2. Immediately cut off half an inch of the stems at a diagonal (using sharp scissors or a knife!)

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3. Cut the stems under running water as that prevents air bubbles from getting into the stems and blocking water-flow

4. Remove any leaves that might sit in the water as they will cause bacteria to form more quickly in the vase

5. Fill your vase with WARM water, like 110 degrees warm water. Then keep your vase in a cool place. This process is called “hardening” or “conditioning.” It helps the flowers live longer because warm water flows up the stems more quickly, which gets them hydrated faster.

6. Then pour in the powder that came with your flowers. This powder is probably better than any DIY solution because getting the proportions right on all the chemicals and nutrients is hard work. Better leave this part up to the professionals.

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7. Every five days change the water out completely, add more food, and trim the stems of the cut flowers. This should keep your flowers alive anywhere form 10 days to two weeks.

Remember: flower choice also plays a big part in flower survival. Roses die quickly and chrysanthemums live long. Doesn’t mean I always want chrysanthemums in my house, but it’s good to keep in mind.

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