How the Hell Do they Price Chicken Wings?

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How the Hell Do They Price Chicken Wings?


A Chinese restaurant’s bizarre pricing system for chicken wings was made public this week. This opens up the possibilities on how to price wings.  Few food items inherently bring up excitement as much as chicken wings do. It doesn’t matter how many bagels and cakes you see on a menu. If you see wings and you suggest it in your group, it sounds like you just offered to skip going to church as a child. “Guys, what if we get wings?” Not only is it difficult to make a chicken wing taste bad, but it also invokes the feeling in our DNA thanks to millions of years of evolution.

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When you’re eating wings, you’re fulfilling your purpose. It’s what you were born to do. Which is why so many people’s attention was captured at a restaurant’s insane menu for wings. It detailed the exact amount required for every possible amount of wings you could buy up to one hundred wings. Everyone’s questions are the same: why not just make it a certain amount of money for each additional wing? If you’re offering a deal with more wings, why not just have road signs of 25 and 50 wings? The menu have zero logic involved, having additional wing prices go up and down with abandon. Here are bad methods that would make more sense.


The Most Epic Fast-Food Fails Ever

Use the Fibonacci sequence – It would be confusing, but at least the prices would make nice spirals when grouped together.

Make everyone 100 dollars – No one would buy less than 30 wings, which is every distributor’s dream. You’re welcome, capitalism.

Change the numbers according to market values In this case, the restaurant will likely lose money, as chicken is extremely affordable to purchase. Sorry everyone, I tried my best, but I guaranteed that these systems wouldn’t be good.

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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