Police Make Horrific Discovery of 7 Dead Babies in Cardboard Boxes


Police Make Horrific Discovery of 7 Dead Babies in Cardboard Boxes

It’s like a story right out of “True Detective,” only this is real. Meagan Huntsman, 39, was arrested after police found seven dead babies in her former Utah home. Huntsman’s ex-husband, Darren West, had just gotten out of prison and was cleaning up the garage on Sunday, April 13, when he discovered a lifeless infant and called 9-1-1.

In “True Detective,” Marty (Woody Harrelson) quit police work after having discovered a meth head’s dead baby in a microwave; the whacked-out druggie had put the baby in there to make it stop crying and Marty said he never wanted another image of death in his head after that.

West, believed to be the father of the babies, had been locked up for having chemicals used to make meth, but that’s where any life imitating art stops. It looks like West had nothing to do with this macabre scene.


After police Capt. Michael Roberts answered West’s call and searched the garage, six more dead babies were found. Each one was packed away in a cardboard box. According to USA Today, “Police said Huntsman told officers she had given birth to at least seven babies at the house and that all but one were born alive. Huntsman told officers that ‘she either strangled or suffocated the babies immediately after they were born.’ And authorities say they believe West was living with Huntsman at the time of the killings, but isn’t a person of interest at this time.”

Reports say that the motive for the killings isn’t clear yet. Obviously, she didn’t want the babies, in which case she could’ve gotten abortions. If the tea party ever gets their way and makes abortion illegal, a desperate woman might do something, well, desperate, but I cannot imagine any woman would let herself get pregnant over and over just to kill the kids she didn’t want. This is bizarre. And, not to be gross, but why didn’t anybody ever notice the smell after each baby died and decomposed?

Huntsman and West have three daughters together, a teen plus two adults, and have been living in the house, which is owned by West’s parents. Another incredulous aspect of this story is that nobody ever noticed the pregnancies — not the daughters, ex-husband or neighbors. Wtf? How can that be? As soon as a woman is three months pregnant it’s easy to see a baby bump.


It is hard to believe that a sane person could carry out these monstrous acts, but an insane person wouldn’t know to hide the evidence, right? The neighbors in the middle-class community 35 miles south of Salt Lake City swear that Huntsman always seemed normal, and she even babysat one couple’s kids for years.

According to CNN, one neighbor said the news is “shocking and kind of morbid and strange.” Uh, ya think? Yesterday somebody posted a photo on Facebook of a woman dumping puppies right on a highway and my stomach flipped over. I can’t keep up with turning off posts and “friends” in my newsfeed. But this? This is something you would never expect.

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