The Things Needed to Throw a Perfect Summer House Party

The Things Needed to Throw a Perfect Summer House Party


So throwing a party in the summer can be difficult. People have high expectations of meats grilled in the outdoors, cool rooms, cool grooves, and inventive summer beverages. So all I’m saying is, there is no need to disappoint your guests. Just do some planning (and shopping) in advance.  But the perfect summer house party is easy to do.  See below!  So here are all the items you need to turn your pad into party-central:

1. If the party becomes more of a picnic, get yourself a decked-out picnic box, complete with plates, cutlery and a place to keep wine chilled.

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2. So for your house party, get yourself an oversized reed diffuser, which will emanate delicious smells for up to four months giving your house an upgraded scent other than sweat, yay!

3. A good rosé is just what every party needs, so do some research and find that perfect, light and dry wine that will make everyone at your party super happy and also super drunk

4. Get some ice cream and just leave it in your freezer because everyone always wants ice cream, especially a nice minty chocolate chip for the summer, or a summer raspberry sorbet mmmmmmmmm


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5. Stock up on wine for your party so that your wine rack looks elegant and not empty and sad and also because no one wants to run out of wine at a freaking party

6. Get some fancy liquors too, they can be real crowd-pleasers. I’m partial to limoncello, Montenegro and any sort of coffee liquor you can find

7. Get some nice soaps for your bathroom so that it doesn’t smell like shit all the time and so your guests will feel extra fancy when they are done and washing their hands

8. Make sure you have games at your house because, when in doubt, pull out Cards Against Humanity and the party will be saved

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