Paris Hilton Calls Radio Host a ‘F*cking A**hole’ For Asking About Her Sex Tape

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Paris Hilton Calls Radio Host a 'Fcking Ahole' For Asking About Her Sex Tape

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Paris Hilton has been making the rounds promoting her forthcoming album, which will have a decidedly more hip-hop feel and feature collaborations with Lil Wayne, Flo Rida and Snoop Dogg. For these guys, being gangsta is a way of life, and it seems like their philosophy may have rubbed off on Paris. During an interview with a local radio station this morning, the socialite went full-on hoodrat on the DJ after he brought up the forbidden topic.

Everything started out fine when Paris called into the Raleigh-Durham radio show Bob and the Showgram. Host Bob Dumas and his team started out asked her a series of innocuous — although very unfocused — questions, from how she feels about women’s sizes today, if that was really her house in those scenes in “The Bling Ring,” and whether or not she’s going to get married and have kids. What? Why? That question would flip my rage switch if my uncle asked me, let alone some auto mechanic turned DJ on the air. Their train of thought revealed that maybe they didn’t have a set of questions, or anything even resembling a plan, in mind, because the only question they asked that has any relation to her new album is how she met the guest rappers on her album.


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Just when the interview was headed in the right direction, Bob drives the car off the cliff. “You know, a lot of people — Kim Kardashian, and a couple of other folks too — started with the sex video.” First of all, “folks”? Really? They’re really out of their depth here, aren’t they? As soon as he says the magic words “sex video,” you can hear a button on someone’s phone get pushed. Perhaps it was her publicist having a fit and accidentally hitting the phone with his cheek. Ever the professional when fielding questions about the work her vagina did without her consent, Paris barely became flustered, answering, “That was not anything to do with me. I just dated a person who was a very sick man who did that.” She then continued answering the rest of the team’s irrelevant questions like a true pro, as if they hadn’t just violated the most sacred rule of all: common sense.


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When the interview ended, however, her true feelings came out. Sometimes the stars align and we, celebrity news editors, are gifted with tiny miracles. Thinking that her phone had hung up, Paris starts bitching the DJs out: “That guy was a f*cking a**hole, I’m never doing that show again.” “I’ve already put in a call to them,” her publicist assures. “I can’t believe he brought that crap up.” She adds, “They didn’t even bring up the song.” That just made the interview worth listening to.


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There really was absolutely no reason for the radio team to ask about something that happened almost 10 years ago and has nothing to do with her current projects. What was the point? Their mentality must have been, “We’ll never see her again, let’s just go for it!” I don’t know what’s more sad, the fact that Bob and the Showgram announced on their site that they’ve “made it” because TMZ featured the station in their story about Paris’s outburst, or the fact that Paris had to go on this show in the first place. Come on. Don’t help fuel the image that you’re that Hilton girl who wears maxi dresses from Rainbow and used to be in tabloids for dating that one Backstreet Boy — aka irrelevant.

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