Overly Masculine Things That Need to be Torn Down

Overly Masculine Things That Need to be Torn Down


Bo Burnham has made the statement that traditional comedy clubs are overly masculine and should be torn down. Old clubs aren’t the only things that should be removed.  The director of the critically acclaimed Eighth Grade has made it known that he doesn’t particularly care for traditional comedy clubs. And nor should he – traditional comedy clubs are boiler rooms full of gas lighters and projectors. Many comedians used to be awful people, but comedy has evolved and so have the people who perform it. Getting rid of traditional comedy clubs would move the spotlight to newer venues where comics of all types and styles perform, allowing a more productive and fun space in general. However, there are other things as well that are overly masculine that should be torn down.

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Trucks started originally as utilitarian tools, methods of moving large items from one location to the next. In the past century, however, the vehicle has become a symbol of who is a “man” and who isn’t. Despite this symbol, most owners of trucks are undereducated and have low emotional intelligence, so in reality they promote abuse and ignorance. Tear them down.


Believe in Women and Hate All Men, Just Because

Not texting me back quickly. We get it, you want to seem like you’re in control. You know who else is in control? A referee. You know what a referee does? He says where you are. Be like a referee and quit being a punk.

Being good at video games. No one really cares if you’re good at them. Most people who are overly good at games are also just really bad communicators and try too hard to be alphas in every room. Also, I really want the standards to be lowered because I’m bad at games. Please stop.

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