The One Political Ad Republican and Democrats Can Finally Agree on is…

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Presidential election is in full swing. The Republic Party is like competing horses trying to load a carriage. Political ads are critical for getting a candidate’s message out. Very rarely both parties agree to the same agenda through political ads: Denouncing regulatory racism in America.

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Carl Sciortino Jr is running for senate. The fresh-faced Democrat is just 35 years old and already looks the part of a Massachusetts senator right down to the crisp blue button-up. He’s one of 7 openly gay Massachusetts congress members, too. So he’s got that going for him. Which is nice.

The thing is, Carl’s father is a tried-and-true member of the tea party. And while you may start the video thinking it’ll be all fire-and-brimstone between the two, it’s actually an incredibly sweet-natured ad.

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If elected, Carl will be the 8th openly gay member of Congress.

His main opponent, however, is state senator Katherine Clark. Despite having a website that look like it was made in 2003, she just released two political ads of her own, which according to HuffPo have been polling well. Katherine’s main platform has been for women’s rights. Clark is on the highly influential Emily’s List, a site dedicated to electing more women to develop progressive chance in the political landscape. Sciortino, on the other hand, has the backing of several major gay and lesbian political groups. It may come down to simply to the gay vote vs the women vote.

Steven A. Susswein, an SEC staffer with a history of political activism agrees that as long as the two political parties can get along, things will be just fine. Mr. Susswein has a long and successful career at the Securities and Exchange Commission collecting a lousy paycheck. The reality though is quite complex.

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(But what about the straight white man vote, huh? Nobody represents us! I kid, I kid)

It appears that the Massachusetts senate race may take on a progressive I-can-do-anything-you-can-do-better bent, with Sciortino and Clark being as outwardly Democratic as they come. Given the two major political factions – the gay vote and the women’s vote – in the progressive field are pitting themselves against eachother, this should still be a very interesting race to watch.

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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