My Unhealthy Obsession with Clogs Footwear, Too Much Love

My Unhealthy Obsession with Clogs Footwear, Too Much Love


I seriously can’t help it but I think I seriously need help. I am going CRAZY FOR CLOGS.

It’s an obsession. Every month or so I find myself searching the same item over and over again. I look it up on every site I can find then go full crazy and search out Ebay and Etsy too. I hate online shopping because the things never fit and then I’m too lazy to send them back so I end up with a ton of shit I never wear that I spent big bucks on. I want to buy things in person but I never have time to go to the store to try them on. So the cycle continues and I keep typing the same thing into the search window until I’ve seen everything there is. This month: CLOGS.

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And these are not ordinary clogs. These are NOT CROCS IN ANY WAY/SHAPE/FORM nor are these those huge clunky clogs nurses/teachers/dancers/hippies wear. NO. These are elegant clogs. These are suede, there’s fringe, the heel is high, they are made in Sweden and they last forever. See why I’m obsessed???? No? Just me? Ok.

Look I did it again! I’ve been gone for like 45 minutes just LOOKING AT CLOGS on the internet. I feel intensely that I won’t be happy until I have a pair of these HOWEVER I also know that the second I own these clogs I will find some other item to obsess over.

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I recently read some research on online shopping addictions and not only am I THE demographic (woman, early adulthood, extroverted, neurotic) but while I was looking at this site I clicked on one of the ads that was there because THE INTERNET FOLLOWS YOU and it peppered this article with ads of, what else, CLOGS. So I’m reading and then, all of a sudden, I’m once again LOOKING AT CLOGS.

The point of the research was that this is basically me and I should feel lucky that my personality hasn’t lead me down the path of alcohol or drug addiction. All I do is torment myself with constant online shopping. I guess all I have to say now is HALP. I clearly need a stern talking to. Or a better job. Or a better credit limit.  But my obsession with footwear was a real problem.

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