NYFW: Fur, North West and Lacoste Did It First

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From babies sitting in the front row to endless fur on and off the runway, Gazelle Paulo shares his thoughts on some of NYFW's biggest moments. (Photo by Gazelle Paulo)
From babies sitting in the front row to endless fur on and off the runway, Gazelle Paulo shares his thoughts on some of NYFW’s biggest moments. (Photo by Gazelle Paulo from the Georgine collection)

If I hear the expression “so Fifty Shades of Grey” one more time, I will probably hurt someone. But jokes asides, it is very true that the timing of the premiere of the movie adaptation of the famous adult romance trilogy “Fifty Shades” by author E.L. James right at the beginning of New York Fashion Week has created this language trend. So, I guess it is safe to say that grey was one of the official colors of the fashion shows and even Valentine’s Day.

(theguardian.com photo)
(theguardian.com photo)

Kanye West doesn’t need to launch a lip balm brand to be in everybody’s mouth, the American rapper, producer, entrepreneur, self-proclaimed genius and stage ambusher really became the talk of NYFW week as result of the launch of his collection for Adidas Original. was delivered in a very interesting show format, and I must say it was captivating. But, would an army of models and a strong desire to be part of the relevant fashion crowd be enough to have people digesting his “I want to create something better for you” message? Even the very respected Cathy Horyn — former New York Times fashion writer — believes that Mr. West still needs to graduate from fashion school. I believe that someone needs to ambush his special stage moment sometime in the near future.


I understand that babies and small children are cute, little magic sources of love and beauty, but not at a fashion show. If this annoying and pointless habit persists, we will forever put the blame on the parents of North West and Harper Beckham. I strongly prefer and admit that dogs are more suited to be fashion accessories than small children. Not only they are more glamorous, they would be quiet when told so, if they are well-trained. Parents, please grow up already, and stop bringing your babies to NYFW!

fur basso 2
(everbeautiful.com photo)


It is beyond cold in New York City and with just a quick walk around the lobby of Lincoln Center, you were able to see lots of people wearing fur and all types of fur accessories. It was actually overwhelming, and it doesn’t stop with the public: Dennis Basso, Georgine, Libertine, Jason Wu, Creatures of the Wind, Tome and Michael Costello were part of an endless list as pretty much every single NYFW collection had fur for fall. PETA members probably had a heart attack on the first day of shows and decided to stay under the radar until the end of fashion week.

(© Edward Le Poulin/Corbis photo)


I must say  that listening to the music of Jack Dice — “Stash’s Theme feat. Stash Marina” — at the Lacoste F/W 2015 fashion show was rather cool. I can guarantee that pretty much 95 percent of the guests in attendance couldn’t really understand the lyrics, and if they did, I guess they thought that “René Did It First” also. I won’t deny I was so ready to see some pussy go pop at any moment on that runway, but, of course, it didn’t happen.

Stay tuned for my upcoming final recap of NYFW …

Gazelle Paulo is a contributing journalist for TheBlot Magazine. Follow him on Twitter and FreakChic.

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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