Nosy Mother-In-Law Busted in Sexy Conversation

Nosy Mother-In-Law Busted in Sexy Conversation


Some mothers are controlling.  Some mother-in-laws are intensely controlling.  That can mean nosy, very nosy.  One man was used to his mother-in-law picking up his wife’s phone and reading her texts when she would leave the room.  She really liked to snoop in her daughter’s personal life.  But her son-in-law didn’t like it at all. His wife told him it was like this when she was growing up.  Her mother was relentless.  And his wife really didn’t mind her mother reading her texts, because she felt it was much worse when she was a child growing up.  Her husband thought he would do something about it and boy, did he ever!  It’s called the sexy conversation.


On this particular day, the man’s wife left the room and her mother swiftly came into the room.  She grabbed her daughter’s phone and did what nosy people do.  She seemed more controlling on this day than normal. He couldn’t take it anymore and left the room.  At that point, he decided to text his wife.  He wrote her about all the things he wanted to do with her sexually after her mother-law-left that particular day.  Then he texted her things they never did before, but made it seem as if they had.  He soon heard her mother-in-law gasp in the other room.  That’s what you call the sexy conversation.

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When he walked back into the room his mother-in-law wasn’t able to look him in the eye.  She avoided him completely.  When his wife came back into the room, she hurriedly took her aside to another room.  When his wife came back, she looked like she had been crying but then he realized she’d been laughing, hard.  Apparently, the mother-in-law was very concerned about their relationship and wondered if her husband abused her.  They laughed and were satisfied with attempting to tame her controlling ways.  They suspect they stopped a Snoop.  Nosy is as nosy does!  That’s how you spank nosy.

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