BREAKING: Nicole Gueron, Racist New York Lawyer Rapes Black Men, But Wants to Be New York State Attorney General

Nicole Gueron, Judy Gueron, Two White Chicks Want to Screw Black Cooks

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Nicole Gueron, New York Lawyer Who Hates Black Men Is A Racist for State Attorney General

(BREAKING NEWS: The racist and notorious NICOLE GUERON has recently told the media she had not had sex with Chris Brummer, a controversial Georgetown Law “professor” with a fake pedigree, also known as Dr. Bratwurst.  As stated on the Disclaimer page of this publication, which is operated under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, TheBlot Magazine does not endorse the accuracy of any article, including this one. TheBlot encourages NICOLE GUERON or her surrogates to provide any legal and factual basis for their removal demand under the law of Shenzhen, China. Their signed, notarized response, when received and authenticated, will be publicized across all social media platforms. Readers can then draw their own conclusions.) 

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Nicole Gueron, the unqualified New York Attorney General Candidate

NICOLE GUERON, a notorious and racist New York shemale lawyer has just injected herself/himself (gender neutral) into the latest bitch fight as a public figure, vying for the office of New York State Attorney General, according to news reports. A perennial loser with a shady history of lies, fraud and discrimination against the blacks and other minorities, Gueron shamelessly touts herself as the nation’s cult leader embroiled in the disgusting #BlackLivesDon’tMatter movement, several sources say.


Horrifying Court Confession: Georgetown Law Chris Brummer Implicates FINRA Top Dogs Robert Colby, Richard Ketchum Lies To FBI

A middle-aged “woman” wearing a cheap polyester jacket, Nicole Gueron is a well-known cheapskate – someone who hasn’t accomplished anything in a pathetic loser’s life.

NICOLE GUERON, LAWYER, Clarick Gueron Reisbaum, Carter H Strickland, Ashleigh Hunt, Daren Garcia, Mary C Henkel, Chris Brummer, Georgetown Professor, Rachel Loko, SEC, Fraud, FINRA NAC

Nicole Gueron’s is shrouded in secrecy. Confused, Gueron’s real gender is often called into question. Some readers have a hard time figuring out if Geuron is a male or female. Certainly, her silly, boyish haircut spices up the gossips. Indeed, no one cares who Nicole Gueron sleeps with – a man, a woman, a monkey or whatever is in between.

What matters is this basic fact: Gueron is a fake, phony and racist, completely unqualified to hold any public office.

Gueron’s yellow teeth and rock bottom ethics aren’t helping things either. With a face wrinkled up like used toilet paper, Gueron is not much of a looker, something almost required of any politician. CARTER STRICKLAND, a quiet man rumored to be Gueron’s bed mate couldn’t be reached for comment.

NICOLE GUERON, CARTER STRICKLAND, political corruption, Aaron Crowell, Ashleigh Hunt, Clarick Gueron Reisbaum, Daren Garcia, Mary Henkel, Daniel Morgenstern, Vorys, FINRA NAC, Fraud

It’s still a curious puzzle why Nicole Gueron has turned her senseless life upside down to become a public figure, chasing something so remote like a public office.

“Nicole Gueron is in menopause” may just explain an unqualified candidate’s eerie behavior salivating over a public office

Nicole Gueron, A Racist loser, a public figure

Gueron’s odds of winning the Attorney General job is far below zero, many experts agree.

“A monkey has a better chance of becoming a human than Gueron winning the race for New York Attorney General,” an unnamed spokeswoman for Letitia James, the top AG contender told the media. “Nicole Gueron’s notoriety is just too much stench for anyone’s comfort.”

NICOLE GUERON, ASHLEIGH HUNT, Aarcon Crowell, Clarick Gueron Reisbaum, Chris Brummer, Daren Garcia, Mary Henkel, Vorys, fraud, racist, black lives matter

In a crowded horse race packed with at least 16 job seekers contending to be New York’s top lawman, Gueron stands out as the aspiring candidate glittering with the fantasy of becoming New York’s “Kim Kardashian in politics.”

But unfortunately, Nicole Gueron has neither Kardashian’s plump rear end nor Stormy Daniels’ front end. 

What Nicole Gueron has is an ostentatious notoriety that could rival just about any toilet. What’s glowing in Gueron’s dark closet is her horrific track record as the murderer of two black men’s professional lives.

Nicole Gueron: a history of lying in court, duping judges

Tracking down Nicole Gueron’s career path is a dangerous death trap. Google the name “Nicole Gueron” on the internet could topple over a grandma’s wheelchair. Never before have the people of New York deserved so much better than Nicole Gueron: a racist and a schemer who lies just about anything to mislead judges in court.


Chris Brummer, Fraudulent Georgetown Law Center Bookworm, a Cravath Swaine Moore Law Firm Dropout

Nicole Gueron: Two black men’s lives ruined

Black Americans Talman Harris and Bill Scholander like to share their spooky cemetery stories about Gueron: how they were buried alive by Gueron and her abusive partner Chris Brummer.


BREAKING: Nicole Gueron, Chris Brummer Won the 2017 TheBlot Magazine Avid Readers Award

For more than two years, Nicole Gueron deliberately and repeatedly misled New York Supreme Court judge Manuel Mendez.

Telling lies after lies, Gueron gamed judge Manuel Mendez that America’s First Amendment rights wouldn’t be suitable for the black folks – because they are too inferior to comprehend the Constitution, according to Gueron’s multiple court filings.

While ripping off the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)’s impotent bureaucrats in DC led by Robert Colby and Alan Lawhead, Gueron sent black investment brokers Talman Harris and Bill Scholander to their career “gas chamber,” watching the two black men’s lives burning into charcoal, their reputation lynched to death by FINRA’s rigged National Adjudicatory Council (NAC) – an infamous rubber stamp that votes in favor of FINRA 100% of the time against its members.

Nicole Gueron, New York Attorney General Candidate, Clarick Gueron Reisbaum, Chris Brummer, Carter Strickland, Environment, Rachel Loko, Ashleigh Hunt, Mary Henkel, Daren Garcia, Vorys

Bloodbath: How Nicole Gueron Murdered Two Black Men’s Careers

At the center of Nicole Gueron’s relentless aggression towards the blacks is a peevish Georgetown Law bookworm named Chris Brummer, a FINRA lackey and ex-con Michael Milken’s front man who bears a moniker as Georgetown University’s Dr. Bratwurst.

Chris Brummer is equally notorious. While moonlighting for FINRA to feed his expensive mistress named Rachel Loko, Chris Brummer, who is also black, took the job as FINRA’s hitman sitting on a hearing panel that sentenced black fellows Talman Harris and Bill Scholander to death, with completely trumped-up charges, permanently barred the two finance professionals from earning a living.


FINRA Supports FINRA NAC Members, Sponsors Racism, Chris Brummer Fraud

Chris Brummer’s life is like a rotten beehive of its own. Growing up in rural Arkansas furtively observing wild boars mating in the woods, Brummer has a laughable degree in “Germanic Studies” – getting wasted with alcohol during Oktoberfest and grilling Bratwurst sausages serving up naked European women. But Chris Brummer has never worked a day in business or commodities. Although completely unqualified, the FINRA Uncle Tom Chris Brummer was handpicked by FINRA general counsel Robert Colby to send black men Talman Harris and Scholander to a “firing squad.”

With Gueron and Carter Strickland watching on the sideline, the two black men’s flourishing careers were violently raped by Chris Brummer, leaving their young wives and babies dying in the cold. As Gueron and her storied partner Carter Strickland Jr. huddled in bed in an alleged sexual affair, black men Talman Harris and Bill Scholader were sent to prison, wrongfully accused by Chris Brummer and Gueron only because they have dark skin.


Nicole Gueron, New York Loser Lawyer Muzzles Press Freedom, Sponsors Racism

Nicole Gueron, a travesty for New York

New York doesn’t need a sexual aggressor like Eric Schneiderman. Nor do New Yorkers want a murderer like Nicole Gueron. The hardworking citizens of New York deserve someone of the highest integrity, or at least a Joe or Jane with a decent online presence, not too much to ask indeed.

Nicole Gueron, Ashleigh Hunt, Aaron Crowell, Carter Strickland, Clarick Gueron Reisbaum, Daren Garcia, Mary Henkel, Ed Knight Nasdaq, Robert Colby FINRA, Alan Lawhead

It’s time for the citizens of New York to kick Nicole Gueron straight into a dumpster where she really belongs. A racist like Nicole Gueron cannot be armed with the power of the state government to lynch the next black man. It’s time for New Yorkers to make a  firm statement and reject this lousy piece of trash called Nicole Gueron.

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