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The times they are a-changin’, and NASCAR officials were apparently some of the first to take notice and they were not pleased.

The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) had stands and video monitors set up to spread marijuana awareness at NASCAR’s Brickyard 400. The festivities for Brickyard kicked off Friday and MPP officials had plans of airing the advertisement roughly 72 times from Friday through Sunday.

The ad was airing on screens set up by MPP around the venue, but NASCAR officials deemed the ad inappropriate and stated that it did not fall in line with their family friendly environment. USA Today reported that few fans took notice of the stands and the sound on the advertisement was inaudible due to faulty speakers.


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Director of Communications for MPP Mason Tvert had this to say when reached for comment, “we find it odd that this company was willing to run ads at an alcohol fueled event yet unwilling to run our ad which is outlining how marijuana is less harmful than alcohol. It is this hypocrisy that motivated us to run this ad. We wanted people to see the absurdity of laws that allow adults to use alcohol but punish them for making the safer choice and using marijuana if that is what they prefer.”

“It’s a shame that this event ended up being alcohol only when there could have been educational value about marijuana and its effects.”

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The ad centers around the slogan, “less harmful than alcohol and time to treat it that way,” and boasts all the positives of this unnamed alternative before finally revealing that this back-up beer is actually some bud. The ad contests that, unlike alcohol, marijuana does not contain as many calories as beer, which is obvious because you’re inhaling it, not drinking it. It goes on to point out various other benefits such as violent tendencies of people under the influence of alcohol in comparison to those impaired by marijuana usage.  If you would to view the video it can be found at this link.

The initial reaction to this advertisement is: FINALLY. Upon closer inspection there seem to be some faults with this ad. The biggest one is implying that marijuana usage doesn’t cause people to gain weight. Yeah, the actual product has no calories in it, but if you’re in a line a taco bell at 2 a.m. then I’m pretty sure weed is causing you to pack on a little extra weight.


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On a more serious note, while America is seemingly looking for a way to shed those extra pounds, collectively, I don’t think that the first advertisement for marijuana should be insisting that you replace drinking with smoking. If you want to insist the public be more health conscious then that is great, but anyway you cut it marijuana is not the healthiest alternative. It may make you look healthier, but trading in the beer belly for smokers cough seems to be a little foolish.

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Aside from the actual strategy of the ad, this should be welcomed by the masses. For too long has America found pride in being the land of the free while incarcerating young men and women for marijuana violations.

           It should not be a criminal offense to have a gram of pot in your pocket.

Why was the ad removed so swiftly? If few people noticed this ad, why did NASCAR officials make sure to take it down? Aren’t there potential benefits for fostering a new industry? Is it possible that removing a ban on marijuana could create a new industry for the United States, which seems to be dying of thirst for new a revenue stream? If America does open up its lungs to the marijuana industry perhaps it could breath new life into the nations stagnant economy.

Marijuana plants, or hemp is one of the most versatile crops on the planet. One acre of hemp can produce, as much paper as two to four acres of trees, not to mention its ability to produce fuel and it is even stronger and softer than cotton.


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This is just the beginning of what should be a long campaign for the Marijuana Policy Project, as stark opposition to its legalization isn’t going to go away after one advertisement during a NASCAR race, it actually may have gotten worse.

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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