Must Read CyberBullying Protection Tips for Non Tech-Savvy Parents, Or You Will Regret

Give a voice to the voiceless!

Must Read CyberBullying Protection Tips for Non Tech-Savvy Parents, Or You Will Regret

Cyberbullying is no joke

Cyberbullying is a dangerous threat to you and your children. It’s particularly worrisome for parents who are unable to monitor their children in the digital age.

Technology has been penetrated in people’s blood and it means that it is now everywhere. It can happen in real life and even in the digital world. There are plenty of sources and platforms for bullies such as text messages, emails, social media apps and websites 24/7. Those who become the victim of online bullies the after effects may remain long lasted which ultimately may ruin their lives. The victims usually feel humiliated, depressed, angry, and full of anxiety depressed and even can do suicide attempt. Bullies cannot be tolerated and spared at any cost. How can parents come to know that their kids may be bullied by someone?

Indicators which show your child is bullied

  • Your kid doesn’t want talk with anyone and becomes sad, angry, depressed when you offer him/her to use the internet or cell phone.
  • He/she may prevent discussion and keep secrets about the online or cell phone activities.
  • Feel threatened and insecure while receiving a text messages, calls and emails.
  • Your kid may not perform well academically and a grade starts falling.
  • He/she begins to remain lonely and don’t participate in activities with friends and family.
  • It is common a bullied kid doesn’t want to attend his school and group activities.

The most important thing to know that he/she shows mode changes, don’t sleep well, depression and anxiety are the ultimate issues.

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Effective Prevention Tools

  • Parents need to prevent their kids from online bullies. What do you can do being non-tech savvy parents?
  • There is only one way to protect your child, you need scrutinize the activities online. However, spy on your kid’s online activities such as you can put the computer device in an open area where you can view what he/she is doing online.
  • Make your own social media accounts and ask them would they like to add you to your multiple social media platforms in a friendly manner.
  • Learn from your kids if you are nanotech-savvy parents. It is obvious that the young generation is more tech-savvy than their last generations. You can learn everything from your kids about the use of digital media, but you can guide them well what is appropriate and what is bad for their future.
  • Teach them who are bullies and what they do in their real life and in cyberspace. Resultantly your friendly behavior encourages them to share with you anything.

Privacy and social media

Once you add your account to their social accounts such as Facebook, Tinder, Line, Yahoo and Instagram and many others alike, you can view what actually they do and what kinds of friends and company they have.

You can view what sort of videos and photos your kids and teens are sharing on instant messaging apps.

Non-Tech- Savvy parents can get help through monitoring software:

It does not make a difference, how much your kid resents, you can view all the activities they do online.

First of all, parents need to choose powerful and user-friendly tracking software which have dozens of features you just name it. Parents can use the cell phone spy app in order to keep an eye on your kids and teens. You can remotely control the target device of your kids; it enables parents to set their own preferences. Parents can block the internet remotely, block incoming calls of strangers remotely and even a user can block the text messages whenever you want.


If you have recently come to know that kids are using IM’s social media. There will be chances of cyber bullying; you can view all IM’s logs. IM’s chats, VOIP calls, and media sharing. You can filter the websites they visited through browsing history logs and can view all bookmarked websites.

Insist your child know his/her messenger password, email password, and screen password. If he/she is not comfortable with that, there is something wrong. You can use keylogger of the cellphone spy software. It allows user to view the password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, SMS keystrokes and email keystrokes. Once you have a password you can explore anything you want and see whom they are talking to online, whom they are chatting and what sort of people they have on their friend list.

Tips for parents to prevent cyber bullying:

  • Your friendly behavior with your kids let you know everything they have done for the whole day. Therefore an understanding is very important.
  • Guide your kids about the stalkers, pedophilias and child abusers. Tell them what they do and why they do it.
  • Teach your kids that if they bullied in real life or on the digital world then don’t hide the incident with parents at any cost.
  • Be your kid’s best friends, your love and care really make difference to have the strong bond with your kids.
  • Once they bullied in school they should tell the teacher, parents and the one who can take action against the bullies.
  • Parents should go to the bully’s parents and tell the truth about them in a friendly manner.

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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