Watch Out World: Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom Are Now Single

Watch Out World Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom Are Now Single

It’s over for Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom. The title of Most Perfect Married Couple in Every Way Possible has officially been passed on to Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady. After three years of marriage, the couple have confirmed what the rumor mills have been spinning for a while.

“In a joint statement, Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr have announced that they have been amicably separated for the past few months,” a representative for Bloom said in a statement. “After six years together, they have recently decided to formalize their separation. Despite this being the end of their marriage, they love, support and respect each other as both parents of their son and as family.”

The former Victoria’s Secret Angel and lithe Legolas first started dating in 2007 after Kerr played hard to get with the actor. She reportedly hated “the idea of dating a movie star,” but soon gave in to his charms, maybe when she realized that he didn’t actually look like a Nordic new age singer in real life. It wasn’t long before the two were engaged, with the Australian supermodel sporting a ring and sparking rumors as early as 2009. Their reps finally confirmed the happy news in June 2010, and just a month later the two secretly wed. The rushed timeline prompted the media to further speculate, this time about a possible ridiculously good-looking bun in her oven. And they were right.


In January 2011, Kerr gave birth to their son, Flynn Bloom, and the couple were at the height of their happiness and solidarity. She wrote on her personal blog: “He weighed 9lb 12 ounces (a very healthy and big baby boy). I gave birth to him naturally; without any pain medication and it was a long, arduous and difficult labour, but Orlando was with me the whole time supporting and guiding me through it. I could not have done it without him.”

It was the start of a perfect life filled with designer strollers, family yacht vacations and countless photo ops with their bouncy baby boy that the public never failed to fawn over. But one thing we’ve learned time and again is that perfect lives, and even more so, perfect relationships, are fleeting (unless you’re Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen).

Speculation started mounting in late 2012 of trouble in their marriage when Kerr was spotted out without her wedding ring, and the two had not been photographed together for months. The couple fought hard to dismiss rumors, and the public was hopeful that there was nothing devastating between them but their good looks. Kerr told the press, “Orlando and I don’t work over Christmas and the holiday season, so it’s really nice for us to be together,” and then emphasized, “The wonderful thing is that we’re all together.” As for the physical separation, Kerr’s grueling work schedule with Victoria’s Secret, Australian department store David Jones, and her own skincare line, Kora Organics, could have certainly explained it. And in 2013, they were back to being seen together at high-profile events like the Golden Globes.


This summer, however, Kerr gave a hint that clearly spelled the end.

“[Orlando] has a bit of a foot fetish.”

When Bloom was asked about it by a reporter, he laughed it off and said, “It’s funny what my wife can come out with.” Is that sarcasm we sense?? It sounded like they had reached the passive aggressive, resentful, everything-your-spouse-does-annoys-you phase of their marriage.

Earlier this fall, things still looked hopeful when Kerr, 30, joined Bloom, 36, at the opening of his Broadway play, “Romeo and Juliet.” And just a few weeks ago, the couple were photographed looking happy and in love as they walked with their son in NYC. So while it isn’t a total shock that they’ve split, it’s still a bummer since they seemed to have a handle on making their marriage work with their busy schedules. At the end of the day, all we care about is making sure there will be more photo ops with Flynn. Everyone knows he’s the main character in this story.

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