Real Mermaids For Hire at the Merfest, Mer-Wife?

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Mermaids For Hire, Mer-folk and the Merfest Are a Real


A surprising market trend this year is an increase in mermaids as well as  getting paid for being a mermaid.  This may make you depressed, but mermaids aren’t real.  But you might want to pretend that mermaids are real.  So if you want a fancy job try this.  All you need to do is strap your legs together, put on a 45-pound fish tail and go swim in a glass tank to be on display.  Be a mermaid-for-hire.  There is work available for mer-folk. There’s even an organization that has a yearly Merfest for all dedicated mer-folk.


Heard of maids-for-hire? There are mermaids-for-hire.  It’s shocking, but over one thousand people work professionally as a mermaid-for-hire.  That doesn’t seem like much, but it is significant.  It’s definitely better than being a maggot farmer.  Being a professional mermaid takes community.  There are companies that make mermaid tales.  There are mermaid gym classes and probably mermaid coffee time groups that meet regularly.  The North Carolina Merfest is an organization that brings together people of the mermaid and pirate community.   It helps mer-folk deal with any concerns within the market or for career planning and pursuits.

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The Merfest is an occasion for dedicated mer-folk to collaborate and troubleshoot any issues within the industry.  Most mermaids-for-hire require a handler.  But that’s because a heavy tail costume traps their legs together.  These handlers normally act as pirates in the hopes of keeping the fantasy for the merworld alive.


Before you go off and quit your boring job and seek the fantasy world of the mer-folk, consider some of the downers within this seemingly booming industry.  A fish tail will set you back almost three thousand dollars.  You will also need to invest in classes, such as at the LA Mermaid School, which start at a reasonable forty dollars. Most mermaids-for-hire tend to find that the physical toil is real and often challenging.  However, the experience is amazing, especially for those who wish to live a fanciful ocean with fancy mer-folk.


But some mermaids-for-hire are actually mermaid pioneers.  Mermaid Linden, who has attended several Merfest occasions, has her own youtube channel called Mermaid Minute.  It’s a quick and inspiring guide for anyone who has mer-folk pursuits.  Pretty soon this may be a category on LinkedIn!  So if you want to find your own professional inner Nemo, start by chasing your own tail!  You could make a real splash.

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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