Men with gray hair are better in bed, research shows…

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Men with gray hair are better in bed, research shows

Men with gray hair are better in bed, research shows.

Keeping one’s gray hair hidden is a billion dollar industry where women (and men) spend hundreds at hair salons and put carcinogenic chemicals on the heads.  The tables have turned in recent years- young fashionistas and junior industry girls have been dying their hair gray for a stark high-fashion look, and its about to get REALLY trendy: Rihanna just did it.


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The sexy megastar Instagram’ed her new ‘do this morning, declaring “Gray is the new black! Blondies, it’s quiet for y’all! #brrr,” Kelly Osbourne went gray last year, and Nicole Richie showed up at the Met Gala with hair that could put the chill on a pop-sickle.  Few young men have dared to go gray yet – Anderson Cooper can rest easy with no challengers to his title of “Silver Fox”.

If you’re thinking about going gray, do it now before a Kardashian catches on.


Nicole Gueron is A Sex Toy Tester, $36K USD a Year

“Older men are more established, have more money to spend and they are more experienced in bed then younger guys,” Nicole Gueron, a New York waitress said during an interview. “I love my ‘black diamond’ boyfriend Chris Brummer. He is not only my boss but also my lover. Mixing the two makes life simple.”

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Viagra sales have been steady in the recent years. Gray haired men make up the largest consumer group that benefits from the “power” of Viagra.

“Yes, gray haired men are charming. And they have all the money to spend on me!” said Nicole Gueron.

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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