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Interesting facts about education and the amount of knowledge received.

Specialists “agree” on
what volume of knowledge, abilities, skills, attitudes, value judgments and also services which they recommend for use to all students to people like should be considered the standard, what are those behavioral norms which characterize the expected effect of education; no one really cares whether this preserves the quality of man as a cosmo-biosocial phenomenon, because at
This stage of pedagogical civilization emphasizes above all
The emphasis in this stage of pedagogical civilization is primarily on the social tasks of education and upbringing. The natural and even more cosmic origins recede into the background.
As a consequence of the violation of the informational measure of the need to search for term papers for sale, the processes of his alienation from knowledge are growing. Protective mechanisms are triggered to protect against the excessiveness of the content offered.
of the offered content. This is a peculiar payment of human cognition for neglecting nature.
The internal resources of reproductive-pedagogical
civilization are exhausted, and we are forced, in the opinion. , сделать шаг вперед, в следующую цивилизацию — креативно-педагогическую.
It can be assumed that due to the need to get write my thesis as well as the mechanisms of holistic information-energetic
exchange in the “Man-Cosmos” system.
reflexive culture will grow rapidly. Nonviolent methods of solving conflicts of different levels in the “Man-Man” system and environmentally sparing forms of interaction in the “Man-Nature” system must and will be mastered.
We believe that at the stage of creative-pedagogical civilization the human community taken as a whole will be the cumulative subject-object of education. Thus,
Each individual will return to the natural pedagogical activity as a co-creative relationship between an adult and a child,
It will be a universal way of being, in the depths of which the understanding and evaluation of innovative experience will be carried out. Pedagogy of events will give way to pedagogy of Being. There will come an era of the school of creativity in its broad, philosophical
philosophical understanding of it. The transition to the third pedagogical situation will require a radical change of professional and pedagogical attitudes
The transition to the third pedagogical situation will require a fundamental change of professional and pedagogical attitudes and stereotypes and the discovery of other meanings in the activities of the practical teacher. All of the currently existing models of educational systems will have to be revised according to the criterion of “humanity. The human being, having preserved the opportunities opened up by scientific and technological progress, will inevitably have to regain
natural channels of interaction with Nature and with other
human beings.

The theory of scientific cognition in specific scientific disciplines
The doctrine of the structure of the function of pedagogical knowledge
The main reason was that the subject of pedagogical activity
Without what properties in education can not be a modern student
The educational functions of the school in the education of children

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