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Private tutor from Memphis, TN.

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An exciting part of attending boarding school is getting involved in sports. Like most public high schools, boarding schools offer robust and competitive athletics opportunities for both the seasoned athlete looking to play beyond high school and the novice athlete looking to essay service writing and to learn the game and improve skills. Read on to get our top five reasons why you may want to play boarding school sports.

1. Your teammates are your family

At boarding school, you don’t just play soccer with your teammates and go to school with them, you also eat meals with them and live with them year round. In the off season, you can play pickup games, head to the fitness center to work on strength and conditioning, and get tips from your coaches, who also live on campus with you. And don’t forget your fans. Your cheering section is huge at games because they live on campus, too. Boarding schools even offer Fan Vans once in a while, providing transportation to away games for folks who want to cheer you on.

2. Push your skills, no matter your experience

Since every student is typically required to play sports at boarding school, there are teams for all levels of players. Competitive varsity and junior varsity teams are designed to advance experienced players and improve their games, while less competitive thirds and even fourths level teams give players opportunities to learn and grow, or even try a new sport. Plus, since most boarding schools require students play two or three seasons, you get a chance to play multiple sports. This can help you diversify your skills, stay fit and strong in the off season, and enhance your college resume.

So whether you are a high school football phenom, a varsity girls basketball standout, or an artist looking to experience being on a high school athletics team for the first time, there’s something for everyone.

3. Certified athletic trainers on site

Similar to colleges, boarding schools typically have certified athletic trainers on staff to assist athletes in staying healthy, preventing injuries, and properly treating injuries that do happen. These athletic trainers are on campus, and are typically on the sidelines at games. Cheshire Academy’s athletic trainers even offer health and wellness advice on twitter!

4. College Counseling & College Recruiting

Boarding schools help demystify the college application process by offering experienced college counselors who work individually with students to help them get into the best fit colleges possible. As an athlete looking to compete in college, these counselors can make a world of difference in helping you prepare to connect with coaches and recruiters.

5. Postgrad opportunities

Speaking of college resumes, some boarding schools offer what is called the postgraduate year, often referred to as postgrad or PG year. This type of entry point in boarding school is aimed at students who have successfully graduated from high school, but want an extra year before heading off to college. For athletes, this can translate into a chance to improve your grades to make you more desirable to colleges, strengthen your skills, play with a new team and in a new league, and get more attention from college coaches and recruiters. Many recruiters often put a focus on recruiting from boarding schools that offer a PG year as a resource for top athletes.

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