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Top 10 Coins-earning Players in Madden 22 Ultimate Team part 1

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Miles Garrett (87 OVR)

Miles Garrett is arguably the best pass rusher in the NFL this year, and MUT has also noticed his performance. He received an early upgrade of the 92 OVR Team Card of the Week, and there is no sign of slowing down. As a talented Brown team enters the playoffs, we expect to release better cards in the next few months and increase the price of his Power Up card and 87 OVR.


Ryan Johnson (85 OVR) 

Lane Johnson is a senior tackler and elite protector for the Philadelphia Eagles. Although the Eagles have encountered difficulties this season, we predict that Johnson will get a heavyweight card or a veteran card, which will increase the price of his 85 OVR card.


Nick Kwiatkoski (78 OVR)

Nick Kwiatkoski is a center linebacker for the Las Vegas Raiders. Although he is not a big name in the NFL and has no exciting statistics in Madden 22 Ultimate Team, the price of his 78 OVR card is still rising. This is because the Raiders theme team is currently the most popular lineup, and players in deep positions such as MLB and TE will see price increases.


Trevon Diggs (80 OVR)

Trevor Diggs has performed well this season, with at least one interception in every game. This is a crazy statistic that earned him a 92 OVR team card of the week. If his excellent performance continues, he will get more upgrades and his Power Up card will be more valuable.


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