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Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 vs Miele Classic C1: Which Is the Better Vacuum?


This seems like a very strange comparison. However, there’s a reason why we want to pitch the Shark NV360 (an upright vacuum) against the Miele Classic C1 (a canister vacuum).


And it all has to do with the NV360’s special Lift-Away canister.


With this canister, the user of a Shark vacuum model NV360 can convert it from an upright vacuum into a canister vacuum with the touch of a single button. So it’s not exactly an apple-to-orange comparison in this case.


See how these two vacuums fare against one another!


Cleaning Performance


In terms of cleaning performance, our performance tests showed the Miele Classic C1 to be better than the NV360 in virtually all counts.


On the bare floors, the C1’s suction power is capable of cleaning up virtually every single thing that we throw at it. From dirt to large debris and pet hair, this canister vacuum can deal with them all in a jiffy.


Meanwhile, the Shark 360 vacuum can clean up dirt and dust, but struggles when it comes to cleaning large debris and pet hair.


Carpeting is where the Shark Navigator 360 begins to make up lost ground. It is still not as good as the C1 overall, but the NV360 comes very close to matching the C1’s performance record. Both vacuums can effectively deal with pet hair (sucking up nearly 100% of all pet hair we strewn on our testing carpets). Dirt and debris are also dealt with in a speedy manner.


Nonetheless, the NV360 takes a couple of passes to clean absolutely everything from the carpet piling. The C1 can do it in just one or two passes.




As for design, it will wholly depend on your personal taste. Some people will prefer the robustness of the NV360. Others will like the C1’s compact size and light weight more.


However, while we’re assessing the two vacuums, there’s no doubt that the C1 has slightly better build quality. But this is to be expected, considering the Miele vacuum is far more expensive than the NV360.


The portability of the Miele C1 is better, too, considering its lightweight. On our scale, the Miele C1’s canister weighs around 13 pounds. The NV360 weighs 14 pounds. But because the C1’s canister is on the ground and has wheels, you will feel very little of the weight.


Versatility is where the NV360 wins out over the C1, in our opinion. In its full-size upright mode, with Shark Navigator Lift-away Deluxe Nv360 Upright Vacuum Cleaner is far better for floor cleaning. When you need extra mobility and flexibility (for cleaning your carpeted stairs, as an example), you can always activate the Lift-Away mode.


The Miele C1 is not a convertible vacuum, so this isn’t something that it can do.




For budget shoppers, cost has the ultimate say in whether a vacuum is good or not. And in this department, the NV360 wins out by a huge margin.


First, because it is a bagless vacuum, you don’t have to constantly replace dust bags like you do with the Miele C1. Instead, you only have to empty and clean the dust cup after each cleaning session.


Additionally, the Shark Navigator 360 doesn’t require you to constantly change the air filter. All filters on the NV360 (including the HEPA filter) are washable and highly durable. They can last for years with proper maintenance. The same cannot be said for the C1 whose filters must be changed once every couple of months.




All in all, each vacuum has its own niche. The C1 performs better and has a better design, but it is very expensive compared to the NV360. If you’re looking for an affordable vacuum that can do the job just right, despite its shortcomings, the Shark navigator lift away deluxe NV360 is perfect.

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