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A perfect essay in your mother tongue is built on good choices

Use these tips to make sure you make good choices in the exam!

1. Choose a topic that speaks to you.

Choose a topic that interests you and that you know something about. The reader is convinced when the writer knows what he or she is talking about.

Last year, one of the exercises asked you to reflect on your own relationship with classical music. Löytty says he has read several essays about how the candidate has no relationship with classical music. He was confused by the choice of topic and cannot recommend a similar one.

On the other hand, choosing a subject that is too easy can also be fatal.

– You can tell when a topic is too easy by the fact that your bank of ideas is immediately depleted. You get a better feel for the text if you have to twist and work on it a bit.

Another way to avoid a topic that is too easy is to think about the conclusions your writing would lead to. If they seem predictable, you should think again about your choice.

2. Charm with a clear perspective.

Remember that writing is communication. Imagine a nice person in the reader’s place to whom you want to explain your point. Know your point of view, tell it to the reader and be sure to justify it. You can use an essay writing service. This is what essay writing, in all its simplicity, is all about.

Illustration enriches the text. It is not enough just to move at the level of ideas. Examples, possibly from your own life, that illustrate or support your essay’s message, purpose or concept are very welcome.

The same applies in reverse. Too much practicality requires looking at the topic from a distance on a larger scale. You will impress when you are able to balance between practical examples and the abstract level.

3. Avoid the obvious.

“Through the ages”, “we are all different” and “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. These are all examples of rambling and empty platitudes.

The first thing that comes to mind is often the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a platitude or metaphor. If it goes without saying, don’t say it.

Originality, on the other hand, is never trite. Originality is not about pretending to be artistic, but about writing a text that looks like you.

But it’s worth remembering that there are always risks involved in making unexpected choices. With an unusual choice, you should ask yourself whether it is really justified.

4. Don’t stumble into colloquialisms.

– Spelling may not be the most important thing in the world, but the essay test is the place to show that you have memorised some grammar rules, says Löytty.

A test taker’s enthusiasm for reading is reflected in his or her use of language. They don’t use colloquial language, which is one of the most common problems in essay tests. Using it as a tool is allowed, but the choice must be conscious.

By reading, written language becomes familiar and also more natural to use. It is therefore a good way to prepare for a mother tongue test.

5. Set the context.

Löytty says he too often comes across texts that assume the reader has watched the same reality shows and is fully up to date with the latest trends in youth culture.

So always remember to put your topic in context. That way, you carry the reader with you, and writing doesn’t become just talking.

6. Make sure the beginning and the end are the same story.

Often, when you write, the end result is slightly different from what you had initially planned. That’s why it’s important to read the beginning last to make sure the story is consistent. Sometimes you have to rewrite it for the last time.

You can try to avoid rambling by thinking about the main question or message of the help on physics homework when you start. You can write it down as a reminder.

A snappy ending is impressive. You should stop when there is nothing more to say. A loose tail takes away from the whole.

It is worth considering at the planning stage whether you have enough material for a full length. If you stop after two pages, the last pages can become fatally loose.

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