Melania Trump Wears Lots of Clothes: No Statements, What is She Hiding

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Melania Wear Lots of Clothes No Statement


Everyone wants Melania to be making a statement. She never says anything so they are trying to turn her clothes into something she is implicitly saying. But guys, she’s not saying anything. Just accept it and stop interpreting her clothes to mean more than they do. Clothes absolutely make a statement. Every time you get dressed you are saying: “This is what I want people to see, this is what I want them to think, when they see me today.” It is a big deal, and I definitely think about this every day. BUT GUYS. Melania IS NOT thinking about these things when she gets dressed. Her mind is consumed with thoughts of fear, escape, and her “duties” as a wife and First Lady, which I’m sure sound AWFUL ALL OF THE TIME.

Her large-brimmed white hat, which she wore when meeting the French First Lady last week, would have meant something if literally anyone else had worn it. It could have been a testament to Beyoncé or Olivia Pope on Scandal or to The Young Pope but IT WASN’T.


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It could have been a tip that she had read the dictionary definition of “white hat,” which is, “one who is admirable and honorable.” BUT IT WASN’T. That is absolutely not what is happening.

Here is what is happening: it was a cute hat. She liked it. It was probably a super expensive super trendy hot designer brand hat. THAT WAS WHY SHE WORE IT.

I’d like it too if she was somehow trying to speak to us through her clothes since she can’t speak with her voice (Trump wouldn’t allow it), but that is not what she is doing.


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Her clothes are clothes, and we will never get what we want out of Melania. She wears expensive things, she wears fancy stilettos, she does not like patterns. She is not speaking to us from beyond the White House. I don’t care what people try to ascertain from her fashion choices, she is an empty shell of a person and she has been since she sold her soul to the devil the day she married 45. END. OF. STORY.

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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