Mandatory Gear for the Last Beach Trip of the Season

Give a voice to the voiceless!

Mandatory Gear for Any Beach Trip Anywhere


Going to the beach is fun and all, but not if you end up cold, wet and sandy. So get the right gear and make sure that’s never you again.  I love the beach as much as the next gal.  But I don’t like having a bad time because I just didn’t bring the right stuff. So here is all the right stuff to have (and not forget) to have a great day at the beach.  Hey, good advice is mandatory!  But seriously, these will make your beach trip anywhere that much better.

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1. A great soft cooler for all your drinks that keeps the cold in, the heat out, and the sand far, far, away

2. A new beach umbrella to shield you and your friends from the hottest hours in the sun and make lounging on the beach fun and not just stressful

3. A great beach tote that stays upright and holds all your necessary items without getting sand in them because what are you supposed to do if your phone ends up covered in sand? Exactly.

4. So also great beach towel that absorbs water quickly and sheds sand easily so that you can lounge on it all morning and then, when you finally go take a dip in the water, you can dry off without getting sand stuck to every single part of your body


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5. A well-rounded beach chair where you can sit, put your drink down, and read a good book lying down

6. A sunscreen that actually works

7. Some new goggles so you can do a little sea diving and actually see what you’re swimming around.  But on second thought, maybe you don’t want this if you’re swimming in the tristate area

8. Waterproof speakers are where it’s at for jamming and swimming at the same time

9. Your own snorkeling gear that doesn’t have other peoples’ spit all over the mouthpiece

10. A great leak-proof water bottle that fits easily in bags and keeps water cold for hours

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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