Making some money? Penis Museum in Iceland Seeking a Human Donation

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Penis Museum in Iceland Seeking a Human Donation

Iceland is not all about ice. There are men, women and ice. Now the Icelandic nation of 300,000 wants to market something: penis. I can’t get over these two things:

1.  There is a .
2.  A movie has been made about it.

The phallological production is called “The Final Member.” The story is about Sigurdur “Siggi” Hjartarson. Forty years ago he had the foreskin, er, forethought to create a collection of mammalian male genitalia in a tiny fishing town in Iceland.

The collection is made up of 280 specimens from 93 species of animals, including seals, whales, foxes, horses, rams, bulls, polar bears, walruses, pigs and rats. An important note: none of these animals were killed for their schlong specimens.


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In addition to being a unique collector, Siggi is a happily married family man with four kids, seven grandkids and one great grandchild. He’s an iconoclast who has always championed social and political change in Iceland and taught history at Hamrahlid College. He is considered Iceland’s expert on Latin America after having published 22 books on that topic. His museum began as a joke and morphed into a life’s work.

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The cock collector has become concerned about his failing health and feels a weight of sadness that he hasn’t finished his collection of penises. The Icelander was able to acquire everything from a petite field mouse to a colossal sperm whale, but he is missing one very important specimen: a Homo sapien.

This is a debut feature film from Jonah Bekhor and Zach Math.

“At its core, ‘The Final Member’ is about a man’s quest,” said Bekhor, “to realize his dreams no matter how weird.”

Math said, “One evening, I was driving in my car when I heard a radio interview profiling Sigurdur Hjartarson, the Icelandic curator of the world’s only phallological museum. I pulled my car over and started making notes. The taboo nature of the subject matter insured an inherently comic element, but Jonah and I were wary of making a feature-length ode to the dick joke.”

Filmmakers Bekhor and Math found a penile plot that will move even the hardest of hearts. Here is the long and short of it: “It wasn’t until we met with Siggi, and the two men vying to be the first human donor,” Bekhor said, “that I was convinced there was an incredible story unfolding.”


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He is referring to Icelander Pall Arason and American Tom Mitchell. Both men, extremely proud of their manhood, wanted their prime peckers to be picked as donations to complete the collection at Siggi’s museum of male members.

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Pall is a celebrated pioneer of adventure tourism — he was the first to take people into the frozen Highlands of Iceland. He is even more famous for his reputation as the most successful womanizer in the history of Iceland. Born in 1916, and nearing the end of his life, he told his friend Siggi that he would sign over his penis to the museum upon his death.

Tom from the U.S. is a most peculiar man. He is so interested in landing the display spot of human johnson that he tells Siggi he will have his removed while he is still alive. Tom talks about his willy as a being in its own right and has referred to it as Elmo for 40 years. He wants to give Elmo fame by lopping him off and giving him to Siggi.

Siggi is in the frustrating position of waiting and wondering whose willy will get to him first.

This is the most original movie you will ever see, and it is fascinating. And funny.


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“The Final Member” opens in select theaters and is available for rental on April 18. Rated R. 72 min.

Watch the trailer below:

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