Why my Vagina Loves Thinx Absorbent Underwear

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Why my Vagina Loves Thinx Absorbent Underwear


Thinx, the first period-friendly underwear to hit the market, are completely amazing and do so much more than just absorb period blood. I bought some Thinx right when they came out because I was intensely curious. They say they can absorb up to two and half tampons worth of period blood, and I was skeptical. Plus I’m just the right amount of hipster-crunchy-granola to want to see if I could get away with just wearing Thinx on days my period was super light. So I invested in my first pair (I say invested because they are not cheap, but if you think about it, tampons are more expensive than cigarettes, so I suppose it’s justified), and I loved them. Here are the top reasons why I love all my pairs of Thinx (I continued investing because they are truly amazing).

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  1. WHY I LOVE THINX: They are PERFECT for super light days or if you are spotting. I have an IUD now, and it’s the hormonal one, which is supposed to take away your period completely, but for me it just turned me into a perpetual spotter. I never know when it’s my “period” or just some other time, so wearing these regularly has saved my life (and my jeans).

2. WHY I LOVE THINX: They not only are absorbent to blood, they also absorb cum! Sorry if this is graphic, but also I’m not sorry and it’s just the human body and also just DEAL WITH IT, but if           you are a person with a vagina having sex without a condom with a person with a penis then these underwear are a literal godsend. Before, I would leak all over my underwear and pajamas            during the night AND the next day after an evening of love-making. Now I just wear a pair of Thinx to bed and another pair in the morning and I don’t feel any wetness at all! It seriously                  change my life for the better.


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They are helping de-stigmatize talking about periods, which is helping people with vaginas everywhere be more accepting of their own bodies. This leads to higher self-esteem, better self-care, and more confidence in asking what wew want and need from our partners. This absorbent underwear, whom I am NOT sponsored by btw, have seriously changed my relationship to my blood, by vagina, and my body.

Thanks Thinx! (I’ll send you my address if you happen to want to send some free shwag over to my place k thanks bye)

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