Love Pets? Kill Them: 7 Noteworthy Tips to a Responsible Pet Parent

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Want a pet? Love dogs and want to bring home a furry buddy?

Getting a dog is akin to welcoming a new child in the family, the one that never grows up! They need regular upkeep and attention for leading a healthy and happy life. Therefore, as a dog parent, it is necessary to work towards your dog’s best interests and be prepared to face any challenge that comes your way.

Wondering how to get the basics of dog parenting right? Here are some noteworthy tips that’ll come to your rescue:

1. Pet-Proof Your Home

Before welcoming your dog, the first step is to make sure that your home is pet-proof. Remove anything that can pose a choking hazard for them along with anything that they can chew on. Slippers, Lego blocks, crafting beads and jewelry are some of the objects that need to be kept out of their reach. Also, you need to barricade or cordon off areas in your house with pet gates so that they don’t venture outside or into the rooms they shouldn’t enter. 

2.Create a Schedule

Dogs are routine-oriented beings. Whether you have a new pup, a dog adopted from a shelter or a senior dog, you need to create a schedule for them and adhere to the same. This includes chalking out time for meals, walks, vet appointments, grooming appointments, bedtime routines, boarding schedules and so on and so forth. Remembering all these details can get extremely difficult, especially when you have more than one pet at home. 


This is where you need to take the help of tools such as Barkily. The app is an all-round doggy day planner that assists pet parents to a great extent. Install the app to store all the important information about your pet, create schedule, book appointments, locate dog product vendors near you, check the vaccination chart, select dog boarding and even find the breed of your mixed breed dog. Also, you can opt for a dog tag with a QR code, which can contain all the vital information about your dog and you. What more can you ask for!

3. Arrange for Regular Grooming Sessions

Bathing your dog regularly keeps them clean and keeps fleas and ticks out of sight. But the grooming process doesn’t end there! It also involves cleaning the ears, teeth and trimming the nails and fur. You also need to keep a check on matted hair or damaged coat of fur by using appropriate products or opting for professional grooming services in your locality. This will ensure that your canine companion looks well-cared for and remains healthy.  

4. Choose a Reputable Vet

It’s a must for pet parents to be in contact with trusted and reputable veterinarians. They’ll be able to detect the health issues of your doggie, offer assistance in knowing more about your dog’s breeds and diseases it may be predisposed to and providing handy tips to prevent the same. Take your pick from the well-known vets in your locality, depending upo

5. Provide A Healthy Diet and Nutrition

A healthy and nutritious diet makes sure that your pet stays in the pink of health. Depending on the breed, plan a diet chart and make sure that you give them the right food in the right proportion. Never overfeed your dog and steer clear of feeding them table scraps/ human food or food that can be poisonous to them or cause allergic reactions. Talk to your veterinarian and take their help to create a diet chart for your pet. Never try to self-prepare the chart based on your internet research as it can lead to disastrous results! At the same time, clean their bowls thoroughly and supply fresh, drinking water to them.

6. Make Them Easy to Find

There’s a lot of trauma caused to pet parents when their beloved four-legged pooches go missing. It can take many days, weeks, months to track a missing or lost pet, which seems to be forever. And it’s heartbreaking when they are unable to locate them despite making all possible attempts. The issue is faced by several dog parents. The solution is to take necessary measures so that the pets are easy to find. Investing in reflective collars, microchips or tags with all the detailed information is one of the best ways to avoid the unpleasant situation of a missing pet.


7. Over to You

Raising a dog is no easy task. If you are sure you take care of your beloved doggie in the same way as you take care of a baby in the family, go ahead and put these pointers into practice to ace dog parenting. Have a tip or two that we can add to the list? Let us know in the comments!

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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