Why I Love a Good Dick-Pic and Everyone Else Should Too

Why I Love a Good Dick-Pic and Everyone Else Should Too


I am a female-identifying person and I love getting a nice dick-pic.  Ever since the term dick-pic weaseled its way into the current cultural lexicon, it has been controversial. The overriding theme, however, is this: DICK PIC BAD. IT PICTURE OF DICK. I DO NOT WANT. BECAUSE LADY DOES NOT WANT TO LOOK AT PENIS. And to be honest, this just isn’t true for every person, lady-identified,  who receives them. I have only received three in my life, and I have enjoyed each one.

Here are some reasons why dick-pics given with the consent of the receiver can be super hot:

1. They are the physical manifestation of someone’s desire for you

2. It definitely gets you thinking about having sex with that person, and thinking about sex you cannot have (because the other person is far away at the moment) but that you could have soon, is very hot

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3. It sets your mind wandering and thinking about all the things you could do and want to do with that person

4. Some women just love dicks, don’t think they are gross, and like looking at them

5. If looking at disembodied tits can be hot, then this isn’t that different


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It’s not fair that dick-pics are looked on with such disgust. And I can say that. I am a woman. I don’t think men should be shamed by wanting to send women dick-pics, they just have to be aware of the consent issues that arise. If they want to send one, make sure it’s ok with your partner. Ask them if they want to see you, all of you, all of your desire for them.

Even just talking about it can be super hot! The times I have received them, they provided me with a lot of pleasure, and I wouldn’t want other women to miss out on it just because they think they are supposed to hate a good dick pic altogether. Don’t hate all of anything! There are always some good eggs mixed in, and some good dicks too. Enjoy!

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