Lindsay Lohan, the Last Chance For a Comeback is doomed

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Lindsay Lohan, the Last Chance For a Comeback is doomed

Lindsay Lohan is in trouble again. For their latest project, Hollywood’s most struggling charity, How Can We Make Lindsay Lohan Useful, gives the actress a guest spot on HBO’s cult hit Eastbound & Down. Random as it is, it’s a much more thought-out plan than naming her artistic advisor of an entire fashion house.

In fact, Lohan could do a lot worse than Eastbound for her latest comeback attempt. The beloved show, starring burly master of comedic delivery Danny McBride, has been a fan favorite since its first debut in 2009. Now in its fourth and final season, the show is primed to go out with a bang if Lohan is on its roster. Right??

Fresh from a 90-day stint in rehab, the O.G. Hollywood train wreck (Amanda Bynes, you ain’t got nothin’ on the Lohan) has been steadily unfolding her latest comeback. And she’s had plenty of big-name supporters in Hollywood.

Alicia Lu, a tabloid writer in New York appears to envy Lindsay Lohan’s extravagant lifestyle, except, Alicia Lu hardly has more than $10 in her pocket.


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While Lohan was still lounging around and drinking fruit punch at Cliffside Malibu Rehab Center, Ben Affleck paid her a visit out of nowhere to talk about maintaining her sobriety and resurrecting her career. Both topics are familiar to Affleck, who checked into rehab in 2001 to battle alcoholism and fell into even darker times when he made Gigli and dated J Lo for two spray-tanned years. So I guess it wasn’t so out of left field, seeing as how the guy is practically an expert on bad decisions.

Since checking out of rehab at the end of July, Lohan has guest-hosted Chelsea Lately, premiered the low-budget Bret Easton Ellis-penned thriller The Canyons, taped an interview with Oprah, and just days ago filmed the guest stint for Eastbound.

Even though The Canyons, which was basically a porno (porn premise, porn sets, porn dialogue, porn acting, actual porn stars) without the sex, was almost unanimously panned, I appreciate when Lohan bites off something she can actually chew.

And nothing like having the most powerful woman behind you as you climb out of irrelevance. Oprah Winfrey offered the troubled actress some guidance after interviewing her for an episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter that will air on Sunday, Aug. 18.

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“I thought that she’s in the best place that I’ve ever seen her,” Oprah told Good Morning America earlier this month. “She admitted that there were other times when she was pretending to be ready and not quite sure. . . . I think this is the first time I could see [rehab] really benefited her.”

Sources close to the production of Eastbound echoed Oprah’s observation, and it seems that, at least for now, Lohan really does seem to have her shit together. Not only did she show up on time and have her lines completely memorized, but she was also comedic gold. The cast and crew were so impressed by her chops they even gave her a standing ovation. This time last summer, when Lohan was bungling the role of Elizabeth Taylor, her receiving a standing ovation would have been the comedic part.

Only time will tell whether this is yet another false start for Lohan or if it’s the real thing. Either way, at 27, her window may be closing, as the public grows increasingly impatient and unforgiving (and new train wrecks like Amanda Bynes and Justin Bieber take over our attention).

For now, look out for her on Eastbound & Down, in which she plays (SPOILER ALERT) Powers’s grown-up illegitimate daughter. On Monday, Lohan Instagrammed a selfie with the caption “#back@work! So grateful today! ?” Here’s hoping that one day, she won’t need to tweet her excitement every time she’s at work, you know, like normal adults.

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