Leo DiCaprio Mistakes Alexa Chung, Style Icon, for Waitress

Leo DiCaprio Mistakes Alexa Chung, Style Icon, for Waitress


Alexa Chung is one of countless women’s perception of a leading style icon.  She is personable, hilarious, interesting, intelligent, and designs amazing clothing. She’s got style, she’s got grace and everyone should know who she is.  Street photographers often stop her to take some shots.  That’s because her street style is essentially iconic and pure brilliance.  She can make jeans looks awesome and she knows how to wear a cape so that she looks purposeful and not like Batman.  Leonardo DiCaprio is a talented actor who is notorious for dating lingerie models who are not a day older than twenty-five.  That’s his cut off.  Pretty models who are waiting for the possibility of walking arm and arm with him can’t wait for the day his one to one kicks it on her twenty fifth birthday.  Chung (not a lingerie model) and DiCaprio recently met.  And boy was it awkward.


Alexa Chung recently opened up about her meeting with DiCaprio.  It’s cringe worthy and relevant with people opening up and being vocal about bullshit.  She shared that a friend of hers asked her to meet her at a New York club.  It’s a club that they often go to.  But what was bizarre to Chung was they never met outside. But regardless, she waited, smoking a ciggy outside. She then noticed a Victoria Secret model walking towards her with DiCaprio.  The model introduced herself and the actor.  Alexa replies saying that it’s lovely to meet them too.  Soon after she’s heading to the DJ booth and DiCaprio says, “Oh sorry, can I get two vodka cranberries please.”  At least he said “please”.  But the style icon was a bit put off and didn’t anticipate their meeting going like that, at all!

Let’s hope Leo’s publicist knows how to say oops!  Like we said, cringeworthy.

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