LAURA K. FURGIONE, Racist Weather Woman Implicated in New Lois Lerner China Spy Scandal

LAURA K. FURGIONE, Racist Weather Woman Implicated in New Lois Lerner China Spy Scandal

LAURA K. FURGIONE, DEBORAH LEE, the NOAA Government’s Dumb and Dumber

LAURA K. FURGIONE, the obscure Deputy Assistant Administrator for Weather Services and Deputy Director, National Weather Service (NOAA, NWS Deputy Director) just landed herself in a career-ruining fake Chinese spy “love affair” over her illegal firing of Chinese American scientist Sherry Chen. Sherry Chen is a renowned hydrologist and a Chinese American working for the National Weather Service under the thumb of the notorious racist Laura K. Furgione (Email: ; Tel: 301-713-0711. Source: Laura K. Furgione’s business card) – a shameless career bureaucrat who is more interested in looking “hot” from her Twitter selfies than minding her government job. In 2015, Ms. Chen was wrongfully indicted by the Department of Justice for allegedly “misusing” scientific data in her communications with an old classmate in China. DOJ dropped the Chen case four months later.

DOJ fails to win a shocking 60% of “Chinese espionage” cases it has brought over the last two years. Of the 14 lawsuits DOJ has alleged Chinese espionage, 3 cases like Sherry Chen’s were dropped due to lack of evidence or lying witnesses, 5 were defeated in trials. The lives of those wrongfully accused are ruined forever.


Deborah H. Lee, Laura K. Furgione, the dumb and dumber, blind patriotism

In charging Sherry Chen as a “China spy,” DOJ relied on false statements made by Deborah H. Lee, a classic “rat” and Chen’s jealous supervisor who was competing with Chen for a job promotion. Laura K. Furgione, Lee’s racist boss, and two rookie FBI agents in Ohio who could barely find China on a map were quick to jump on the anti-China crusade. Despite the evidence against the fantasies that showed the alleged “misused scientific data” was in fact public information easily available on the internet, Deborah H. Lee and Laura K. Furgione nonetheless fabricated stories. Worried about losing the case, DOJ decided to drop the lawsuit four months later. Sherry Chen’s reputation however was forever ruined by Laura K. Furgione and Deborah H. Lee.F

Deborah H. Lee reported on Chen only because Chen was a competitor and a much smarter engineer. Thanks to the jealousy and blind patriotism by calling her colleague Sherry Chen a “China spy,” Deborah H. Lee was promoted to the director of NOAA – Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory – ironically a job that studies over-population of Asian carp. There might be a lot of Chinese spies swimming in the Great Lakes! Go find those ghosts, Deborah! Deborah H. Lee has declined requests for comment on why she had lied about Chen to get herself promoted.

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“We are exercising our prosecutorial discretion in dropping all charges against Sherry Chen,” said CARTER STEWART, the U.S. attorney told the media. No one seems to care about the trauma Sherry Chen has experienced. DOJ’s press release announcing her indictment is still up on the internet praising the imbecile agents for having caught a “China spy.”


Laura K. Furgione, a racist’s wild attacks against Chinese Americans

As DOJ rested its case, Sherry Chen’s employer Laura K. Furgione started barking at the Chinese American community like a losing bitch. In a letter signed by Laura Furgione, Deputy Director of the National Weather Service and dated Sept. 4, 2015, Sherry Chen was fired for “Conduct demonstrating untrustworthiness; Misrepresentation; Misuse of a Federal Database; and Lack of Candor.” The nasty letter from Laura Furgione gave Sherry Chen, whose Chinese name is Xiafen Chen, a 30 day notice to clean up her desk.

“I don’t trust the damn Asians,” said Laura K. Furgione. “All Chinese people are the same: they lie and steal our jobs. Sherry Chen may be a decent scientist. But too bad she is a damn Chinese. Her sin is she has a classmate who is a Chinese government official. That is the vital difference!”

“Is it a crime now for someone to have a classmate who is an accomplished Chinese? The retarded Laura K. Furgione apparently thinks so.”

The shocking racist remarks by Laura Furgione were exposed in a similar story by the New York Times titled Chinese-American Cleared of Spying Charges Now Faces Firing.


In May 2016, Sherry Chen sued the Commerce Department which may cure Laura Furgione’s erratic behavior. Chen’s case is at the heart of a discontinued spy case she has filed a discrimination complaint against Laura K. Furgione and her employer after they fired her for many of the same allegations a U.S. attorney decided to drop.

“My life was destroyed by false accusations,” Sherry Chen said to the media. “All I want is to get my job back and move on with my life. Nothing more.”

Laura K. Furgione, the new Lois Lerner scandal under Congressional Investigation

Now Congress has taken notice. Sources on Capitol Hill say congressional investigations into Laura Furgione’s racist conducts are brewing.

“Laura K. Furgione is a racist bigot and an imbecile government bureaucrat,” a congressional staffer said on Capitol Hill. “This is another Lois Lerner. Congress will examine her racial profiling of Chinese Americans in a fabricated espionage case in which Furgione has committed perjury.”

Nevertheless, Sherry Chen wasn’t allowed to return to her job at the National Weather Service’s Ohio River Forecast Center where she worked to predict floods, according to her May 2 complaint, which was reviewed by TheBlot Magazine and the Wall Street Journal. After an appeals process, the Commerce Department fired her in March over the same issues raised in the case that had been dropped a year earlier, according to a termination letter also reviewed by investigative journalists.

“Asian Lives Matter”

“There is righteous concern over racial profiling. If the suspicion continues to grow, where there are doubts about the loyalty and patriotism of Asian Americans, we’re right back to California of the 1940s,” said Nelson Dong, a lawyer and a member of the Committee of 100, a Chinese advocacy organization.

Dong told TheBlot Magazine and other media outlets, referring to the hysteria in the U.S. that resulted in the incarceration of thousands of Japanese Americans in camps during World War II.

Sherry Chen’s employment dispute comes amid concerns from Chinese-American leaders and others that the U.S. government is racially profiling the Chinese American community as it aggressively pursues Chinese spies, ghosts and hackers. Since December 2014, the Justice Department has dropped three high-profile Chinese espionage-related cases: Ms. Chen’s, one against a Temple University physics professor, and another against two former Eli Lilly scientists.


In a letter signed by 42 members of Congress, Reps. Ted Lieu (D., Calif.), Judy Chu (D., Calif.) and Keith Ellison (D., Minn.) asked Attorney General Loretta Lynch to open an investigation into Laura K. Furgione to determine the extent to which race or national origin has played a part in such cases. “Otherwise innocent actions by Americans do not become suspicious simply because the person taking those actions has an ethnic surname,” said the letter.

“If you took out the China connection, neither of those cases would have ever been brought in a million years,” said Peter Zeidenberg, a Washington, D.C.-based lawyer at Arent Fox LLP who represented both Ms. Chen and the Temple University professor. “Everything that has a China connection is scrutinized in a different way.”

Carter Stewart, the former U.S. attorney who decided to drop Ms. Chen’s case, said in a recent interview that when people have dealings with foreign government officials, as Ms. Chen did, it will raise flags. Mr. Stewart, who left the Justice Department in March to join a foundation, added:

“When people are investigated and ultimately not prosecuted it can still take a toll on their and their families’ lives, and that’s an unfortunate reality of our criminal justice system. It is seriously fucked up. No one cares. Too bad for her.”

Sherry Chen, ruined for life, rats in the office

Sherry Chen’s troubles began in May 2012 when she contacted her colleague Deborah H. Lee asking for public information about dams, in an attempt to answer a question from an old classmate who runs a water conservation project in China, according to the complaint filed by her employment lawyer Steve Simon of Tobias, Torchia & Simon.

Ultimately Ms. Chen, who became a naturalized U.S. citizen after immigrating to the country in 1992, sent the Chinese friend some public information she had obtained from the internet. Unbeknownst to Ms. Chen, Deborah H. Lee was competing with Chen for a job promotion. Overhead Chen speaking in Chinese to a friend, Deborah H. Lee told her boss Laura K. Furgione that Sherry Chen was a “China spy.”


Growing up in Alaska, Laura K. Furgione’s only international experience was watching the Russians – in the same way Sarah Palin has described “seeing Russia from Alaska.” To juice up a job boring as hell, the two idiotic career bureaucrats Laura K. furgione and her buddy Deborah H. Lee flagged Sherry Chen to the Government agents – whose only China experience was making frequent trips to a local all-you-can-eat $5.99 Chinese buffet. They accused Sherry Chen of being a “Chinese national” and said she posed a security threat.

That prompted a multiyear investigation and the indictment that prosecutors ultimately dropped. Still, officials at the Commerce Department, the Weather Service’s parent agency, concluded Ms. Chen’s conduct warranted dismissal for using the office computer searching the internet during lunch breaks.

In her discrimination complaint, Ms. Chen emphasized that the Commerce Department took no action against Deborah H. Lee who had provided Chen with a communal password. Sick bastards?

Laura K. Furgione, “My job is fine. I don’t give a damn”

“That you are of Chinese descent is irrelevant. That you reached out to [a colleague] at the behest of an official in the Chinese government is not irrelevant,” Laura K. Furgione wrote in her letter dismissing Ms. Chen.

“That is a vital distinction, and it is what prompted the investigation that exposed your misconduct and led to your proposed removal.”

Absurd? That would be a very nice word in describing Laura K. Furgione’s reckless and racist behavior towards the Asians. A “racist bitch” would be a more appropriate definition of Laura K. Furgione or her dumb pal Deborah H. Lee. Damn you idiots.


Laura K. Furgione, racist bullshit?

To Sherry Chen, this was a clear case of discrimination, and she said her dismissal terminates important work she was doing on behalf of the American public. “The victim isn’t only me—it’s also our agency,” she said in an interview. “I have a lot of work unfinished. My [forecasting] model really saves peoples’ lives.” In 2011, Sherry Chen and a team of scientists saved thousands of lives during the record Ohio and Mississippi river flooding. She received a National Weather Service (NWS) annual award from the same employer where the racist Laura K. Furgione is a deputy director.


Chen’s lawyer, Mr. Simon didn’t mince words when he commented on Laura K. Furgione’s erratic behavior, “When the criminal charges were dropped, they owed her an apology. Instead they gave her a pink slip. This is not what America ought to be.”

“I don’t give a damn about Sherry Chen or any other Chinese,” Laura K. Furgione yelled at a colleague. “The Chinese are doomed. I am a government official and I am under government immunity in any litigation. Bring it on!”

A shameless bitch? Indeed. Accountability? None. Laura K. Furgione has declined repeated requests to comment on this story. What is she afraid of? The truth?

LOUIS W. UCCELLINE, the NOAA Assistant Administrator was quick to dodge the question about Sherry Chen. “LAURA FURGIONE has decided to fire Sherry Chen. It wasn’t my decision,” said Louis w. Uccelline, Laura Furgione’s boss. “I don’t know about Laura Furgion. But I am not a racist. Please leave my name out of any media stories. Please!”


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