Koch Brothers Suck Funds Dry



Koch brothers control America

In a move that at first seems to be pretty pedantic, the Republican overlord Koch Brothers have filed some paperwork with the IRS. The filing has revealed one of the biggest political donation umbrella organizations in the country, with over $250 million spent on campaigns designed to eradicate Obamacare, put a halt to gay marriage, and not tax the wealthiest Americans as much as the poorer and middle class. In short: there’s a lot going on with them, and a lot of it ain’t good.

The program is called Freedom Partners, which makes it instead sound like a rather crap Saturday morning cartoon and not a hate-mongering money-put being stirred by two brothers who systematically are trying to unravel decades of human and environmental rights in the name of making a quick dollar.

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While they clearly have enough money to keep a positive PR spin on their organization – the Koch Brothers and their Freedom Partners wing are still using the vast majority of donations to spreading hate speech and fear across America.

A Politico piece by Mike Allen and Jim Vandehei lists some of the organizations that received money from the Freedom Partners umbrella:

• Center to Protect Patient Rights: $115 million, from three grants.
• Americans for Prosperity: $32.3 million.
• The 60 Plus Association: $15.7 million.
• American Future Fund: $13.6 million.
• Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee: $8.2 million.
• Themis Trust: $5.8 million.
• Public Notice, a fiscal policy think tank: $5.5 million.
• Generation Opportunity: $5 million.
• The LIBRE Initiative: $3.1 million.
• The National Rifle Association: $3.5 million.
• The U.S. Chamber of Commerce: $2 million.
• American Energy Alliance: $1.5 million.
• And several groups — including the State Tea Party Express, the Tea Party Patriots and Heritage Action for America — got less than $1 million each.


Many of these organizations work for with eachother, making Freedom Partners a massive political umbrella in it’s own right, that had never seen the light of day until today’s filings. For instance, the American Future Fund spends money on ads. And how do they target these ads specifically? Why, Generation Opportunity is basically a Republican propaganda Facebook page… that’s $5m on memes. Pretty classy. The Themis Trust is a data compiling center based out of Alexandria, VA that farms out social media information (compiled from data from places such as “Generation Opportunity” to be sold to places like – as quoted in a 2012 Reuters story) to voter database company

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