Kim Jong-un Is a Lady-Killer

Kim Jong-un Is a Lady-Killer

Kim Jong-un is a lady killer

South Korean media reports that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un’s former girlfriend was among 12 musicians and singers executed by a firing squad on August 20 for allegedly violating North Korea’s pornography laws.

Hyon Song-wol is said to have been arrested on August 17 along with her band mates from the Unhasu Orchestra and Wangjaesan Light Band, reportedly top pop groups in North Korea. Three days later, she was allegedly machine-gunned down alongside her band mates while friends and family members looked on. Following the execution, bystanders were then sent to prisons and internment camps.

A Chinese source said the performers were rounded up by North Korean officials and were accused of videotaping sex acts they performed on one another and later selling the footage. North Korea has strict rules in place regarding pornography.


Kim Jong-un, who became dictator following the death of his father in June 2011, is believed to have met Hyon more than a decade ago. The two struck up a relationship, which the elder Kim Jong-il reportedly disapproved of and ordered that it be ended.

Hyon went on to marry an officer in the North Korean military. The couple reportedly had a baby together, though it is rumored that she continued to see Kim on the side, even after her marriage.

The dictator’s wife, Ri Sol-ju, is a former member of the Unhasu Orchestra. She reportedly considered Hyon to be a rival and did not approve of the singer’s popularity in North Korea, where she had been a sustained presence on the pop charts since at least 2005.

An expert on North Korean affairs tells The Daily Telegraph that the singer was likely killed for “political reasons.”

“If these people had only made pornographic videos, then it is simply not believable that the punishment was execution,” he said.


North Korea has a storied past concerning pornography. In 2000, the North Korean Literature and Art Publishing Company published Licentious Stories solely for party officials. State-controlled media also reportedly created a tape, featuring their broadcasters, and spread it around the party.

Former CIA official Henry Crumpton wrote in his book The Art of Intelligence, “I never met a North Korean diplomat who did not want porn, either for personal use or resale.”

At the peak of his masturbatory career, former dictator Kim Jong-il is said to have amassed a collection of more than 20,000 pornography videos, mostly on Betamax. The majority of the movies were reportedly of the American variety.

For reasons pornographic or otherwise, this is not the first time that Kim Jong-un has found a convenient excuse to knock off a threat or a political rival.

In 2012, North Korea’s vice minister of the army was arrested for drinking and generally having a good time during a state-sanctioned period of mourning for the death of former leader Kim Jong-il. The unfortunate official was ordered to stand on a spot that was targeted for a mortar round. Kim Jong-un allegedly ordered that the man be “obliterated” and that nothing be left of him after the attack.

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Reports indicate that Kim may be on something of a purge over the past few years, eager to fill the upper echelon of North Korean society with those loyal to him and to be rid of those who were loyal to his father.

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