Don’t Kill My Fun on Vacation, No Killjoys Allowed

Don't Kill My Fun on Vacation, No Killjoys Allowed


Vacations are for decompressing and taking time to relax…or are they…?  Vacations are a lot more fragile than we generally think. We think that all we have to do is get on a plane, wake up somewhere else, and we’re good! But the reality is that we can very easily kill what could have been a very nice vacation.  Killjoys can happen all too easily.  Here’s how not to lose out on your vacation fun.

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1. Over-planning – this is the easiest way to kill a vacation. Of course you want to go see all the museums and monuments and sights, but oftentimes we plan to do these things without considering whether we want to see them or not. And maybe you do but your partner doesn’t. Over-planning suffocates a vacation and leaves no room for unplanned exploring or spontaneity. The whole point of getting away is to have fewer “things to do,” not more. Let your vacation breath, and you will breath better too.


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2. Going cheap instead of going smart – sometimes it seems like the red-eye is the best option because it’s the cheapest option. But then you have to remember how tired you will be the first day of your trip. You will be irritable and unable to enjoy the first moments of your trip. Spending a little more, and staying more in tune with your internal biological clock, might mean the difference between a hellish and a heavenly beginning.

3. Make everyone disconnect from their phones – it’s a good rule, when traveling with children, to limit phone time while on a family vacation. But it’s also important that parents follow the rules too. Taking time with your family, off your phones, is the whole point of going on a vacation in the first place. And it’s pretty hypocritical to force kids to do something that you don’t want to do yourself. Get off the phone! You’re on vacation.

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