Is Justin Bieber Filing for Bankruptcy? Singer’s Mounting troubles

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Is Justin Bieber Filing Bankruptcy Singer's Mounting troubles

Justin Bieber is in trouble again?… to rehab. NOW.

The Biebs doesn’t want to go to rehab. No, no, no. But, let us not forget what happened to Amy Winehouse and all those before her. The way 19-year-old Justin Bieber is going he won’t even make it all the way to the 27 Club. Nothing seems to stick to The Teflon Beeb and that’s not doing him any good. Being treated like a deity can mess with a young person’s head — too bad you can’t ask Michael Jackson. He would agree with me.


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Let’s review Bieber’s most noteworthy problems in the last year:

  • Arrested in Miami for DUI, resisting arrest, driving with an expired license and drag racing
  • Accused of hurling eggs at neighbor’s house and causing $20,000 dollars worth of damage
  • Defaced a wall in Brazil with graffiti
  • Attacked a DJ in South Korea for playing the wrong music
  • Peed into a janitor’s mop bucket and there’s a video to prove it
  • Sued for kicking and punching a photographer in a California shopping center
  • Drives into a paparazzo with his Ferari
  • NFL star Keyshawn Johnson publicly complains about JB’s driving
  • Sued for stealing the song “Somebody to Love”
  • Tour bus raided by police in Stockholm when officer smelled pot; narcotics found but no arrests
  • Signed the guest book at the Anne Frank House saying Anne would’ve been a Belieber
  • Abandoned his pet monkey in the Munich airport
  • Allegations of battery after a neighbor complained about his reckless driving
  • Cursed out a paparazzo (OK, that one’s understandable)
  • Had trouble breathing and fainted backstage in London

I’m hoping “Just imbiber” will feel embarrassed after being so publicly ridiculed and go for help.

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Here’s a taste of cruel comedy at the Bieb’s expense:


When Justin Bieber was so gosh darn cute:

Now, not so much:

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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