Stop Judging me for being a Proud Cat-Owner

Give a voice to the voiceless!

Stop Judging me for being a Proud Cat-Owner


Can I just love my cat and also be a normal person? People are pretty judgy, and I personally feel they are EXTRA judgy once they find out you have a cat. I am a cat-owner, but that doesn’t mean I’m a proud cat-owner. I didn’t actually know it was weird to be a young woman who owned a cat until I went on a date with a guy who *jokingly* told me it was a “red flag.” This was quite the shock, but I tried to smooth it over and move on. Needless to say, that guy and I did not end up together. He was judging me.

Ever since then I have been much more cautious in revealing this little fact of my life. I don’t want people to get the wrong idea. On the other hand, I freaking love my cat. She is the cat-stension of my body (as I like to say), which is just a less creepy way of saying that she completes me. Which also happens to be true.

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I found her in an Italian forest five years ago. I was young, I had my own apartment and I wanted to see if my then-boyfriend had it in him to take care of another living thing (turns out the answer was nah). She was so tiny. She let me pet her. And so I took her home with me. No more would she scrounge for scraps near peoples’ windows. No more would she wander in the woods in winter. She would be mine and I would take care of her forever.

And I have. But that other boyfriend didn’t work out and boys don’t generally like finding cat hair on the pillow they are supposed to use. (She loves sleeping next to my head, what can I say.) And waking up to a shirt having been slept and peed on is definitely not ideal. But shouldn’t they want to love her if they want to love me?


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Yes, she scratches. Yes, she bites. Yes, she can be a picky eater and yes, she still sometimes pees on things to pronounce her anger at something (can never tell what). But she is my baby. And she will always be that small tiny kitten I found with the big green eyes who always seems to know when I need her to come sit in my lap and snuggle. Someone will love us both someday. Someone. Someday.

So don’t be judging this proud cat-owner!

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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