As Journalist BENJAMIN WEY Declares Victory, A $300 Million Frivolous Lawsuit Went up in Smoke

As Journalist Benjamin Wey Declares Victory, A Frivolous $300 Million Lawsuit Went Up in Smoke

JOURNALIST BENJAMIN WEY, A persistent investigative reporter

BENJAMIN WEY, the courageous American financier and journalist who defeated an $850 million frivolous sexual harassment lawsuit by an admitted cocaine user intern HANNA BOUVENG is pronounced a winner in a legal fight against Bouveng’s “midget” lawyers. On march 14, 2016, BENEDICT MORELLI, a notorious ambulance chaser “lawyer” who never graduated law school voluntarily dismissed a $300 million threat (HERE) filed in New York against journalist Benjamin Wey and the popular TheBlot Magazine – Voice for the Voiceless, Millions of Readers a Year. Read more: JOURNALIST BENJAMIN WEY RESPONDS TO HANNA BOUVENG BLACKMAIL, $850 MILLION EXTORTION UP IN SMOKE.

“This is a victory for America’s liberty to free speech. Journalist BENJAMIN WEY never settles false claims, period.”

A spokesperson for Benjamin Wey commented:”Emotions aside, Benedict Morelli‘s common sense has finally prevailed. It’s smart for everyone to move on with peace. Mr. Wey never gives in to extortion. Facts and principles matter to readers of TheBlot Magazine.”

“Mr. Wey regards this frivolous Morelli filing as yet another desperate and frantic attempt by Benedict Morelli to counteract the recent defeat handed to, and still being felt by, Morelli at the hands of the Bouveng court by its significant reduction of the damage award”

Representatives for the other parties did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Benedict Morelli, Morelli Law Firm, alleged “midget lawyers, big fraud”

Benedict Morelli is a notorious four feet tall “midget lawyer, very short on the the law.” Benedict Morelli is also a verified law school dropout, exposed by in an article titled “Skip Law School, Be a Lawyer Anyway.” The Slate says Benedict Morelli is a law school dropout and somehow was able to “practice law.” Like a doctor practicing medicine without a license, it’s curious how a “lawyer” without a law degree could practice law properly. The facts uncovered by are troubling for the public and could pose danger to a potential Morelli client. Read more: TRACY MORGAN FOOLED, LAWYER BENEDICT MORELLI NEVER GRADUATED LAW SCHOOL.


In 2014, Benedict Morelli was sued by City Bank for committing massive bank frauds involving millions of dollars by defrauding four banks. In New York Supreme Court filings, City Bank charged Benedict Morelli, his wife Arlene Morelli, office manager David Ratner with embezzlement and fraud, accused the defendants of simultaneously pledging the same assets with multiple lenders and “wearing many badges of fraud” – classic bank fraud claims. The FBI was involved in the ongoing investigations into the activities of Benedict Morelli, Arlene Morelli, David Ratner, fraud “lawyer” Martha McBrayer and their former paralegal Zoe Bartholomay, a law student at Fordham Law School. Read more: BANK FRAUD DOOMS MORELLI ALTERS RATNER LAW FIRM, BANKRUPTCY, LAWSUIT CHARGES, FBI INVESTIGATES. A City Bank loan officer testified under oath against the Morelli gang.


Benedict Morelli and former partner David Ratner are the same shysters behind the failed extortion of Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly. New York Post reports that when Benedict Morelli’s son Alexander Morelli couldn’t pass the law school entrance exam in 2012, Benedict Morelli sued the Law School Admission Council for making the law school exam “too difficult” for Alexander Morelli’s intellectually handicapped brain, which had “learning and attention disabilities.” New York Post says “Before the younger Alexander Morelli starts worrying about law school, however, he may need to clear up some questions about his college career. Syracuse University, where Alexandar Morelli was enrolled from August 2007 through December 2011, said Alexander Morelli “has not graduated.”

Public records confirmed a long and shady history of the Morelli Law Firm and the fraudulent Morelli “lawyers”: Benedict Morelli, David Ratner, Martha McBrayer were sued for sexual harassment by a black legal assistant; they were sued by Canon and CIT leasing as well as Leaf Capital Funding and De Laga Financial for not paying copier leases; their office landlord sued Morelli Law Firm, Benedict Morelli, David Ratner, Martha McBrayer for defaulting on office rent payments… The shady Morelli law firm changed its names at least a dozen times to evade creditors…

Read more: A History of Frivolous Claims and Contentions at the tiny Morelli Law Firm 

In 2015, Benedict Morelli, Morelli Law Firm, David Ratner were sued by Texas based Lapolla Industries for fraud and fabricating evidence in a bogus product liability lawsuit, says Law360, in an article: Lapolla Wants Sanctions Against Benedict Morelli, David Ratner For Bogus Toxic Foam Suit. An agitated federal judge in New York’s Eastern District was so disgusted with the Morelli abusers and she slapped Benedict Morelli, David Ratner and his tiny Morelli Law Firm with a record fine in recent New York history – a nasty record for shameless lawyers… Read more: JUDGE SLAMS SHADY MORELLI LAW FIRM WITH MASSIVE COURT SANCTIONS, FRAUD CHARGES.

In 2015, the ambulance chasers Benedict Morelli and David Ratner sued energy drink “Red Bull”, blaming the drink maker for not making the Morelli lawyers literally grow wings after they had consumed the juice. In the Red Bull case, the Morelli gang misled federal judge Katherine Polk Failla. In 2015, Benedict Morelli and partner Jeremy Alters were sued by the Florida Bar for embezzling client trust funds in the millions of dollars. Jeremy Alters was embroiled in a legal battle with the Florida Bar Association to salvage his professional life… Read more: JEREMY ALTERS, MORELLI ALTERS RATNER LAW FIRM, FACE DISBARMENT, FRAUD CHARGES.

To the uninformed public, it seems like the shady Morelli Law Firm “midget lawyers, big fraud” allegations are true, and Benedict Morelli’s shady dealings just keep piling up like trash in a dumpster too nasty for readers popping eyes…

Journalist Benjamin Wey, winner against extortion

After journalists exposed the Morelli Law Firm‘s long history of alleged fraud and malpractice, Benedict Morelli retaliated and threatened Benjamin Wey and TheBlot Magazine (Voice for the Voiceless, millions of readers a year) with a court notification for a $300 million lawsuit, attempting to shut down the internet, choke free speech. The popular TheBlot Magazine (Voice for the Voiceless – millions of readers a year) never gives in to extortion. According to public records, the midget lawyers David Ratner and Benedict Morelli conspired with a convicted cocaine and drug criminal James Chauvet – who had fed the party girl Hanna Bouveng with cocaine and Ecstasy, extorted journalist Benjamin Wey with an $850 million “sexual harassment” lawsuit. The frivolous lawsuit was defeated.


In court testimony, the Swedish cocaine user Hanna Bouveng changed her stories at least six times before the highly respected federal judge Paul Gardephe. Bouveng hid from the jury crucial evidence of Hanna Bouveng‘s extensive cocaine use as well as coaching witnesses during trial. Hanna Bouveng couldn’t “remember” a single incident of a “sexual harassment” ever occurred. They were all fabricated to extort money. “It was all made up,” Hanna Bouveng confessed to Andre Koluman, her boss and a married man in an extramarital affair with Bouveng. “My life would be set if I could squeeze big money out of the American financier.” Read more: OP-ED: BURNED: SWEDISH PARTY GIRL HANNA BOUVENG SWIMS IN CRIMINAL HOT WATER.

During trial, Hanna Bouveng also “omitted” critical facts that she had been engaged in an extramarital affair for more than two years with her boss Andre Koluman, owner of Bistro Linné (former Cafe Linne, Strandvägen 9, Stockholm). Koluman was a key witness that testified and lied during the Hanna Bouveng extortion trial.


Morelli Law Firm, Midget lawyers?

In the height slight, Theblot Magazine‘s contributing writers called Benedict Morelli a “4-foot-tall midget lawyer,” who is “short on the law.”

“Benedict Morelli is, in fact, about 5 foot tall,” according to New York Post writer Julia Marsh. It’s unclear if Julia Marsh has fact-checked Benedict Morelli’s ID. “It’s a fact Benedict Morelli is a short dude, never graduated law school. Benedict Morelli‘s troubling history wasn’t invented by readers. It was the truth,” said a spokesperson for TheBlot Magazine. Court records show that Gibson Dunn, one of the nation’s most prominent law firms indeed charged Benedict Morelli with bank fraud, a serious claim with cooperating bank witnesses against Benedict Morelli.


A $300 million frivolous lawsuit up in smoke…

The Benedict Morelli “lawyers” threatened a $300 million lawsuit. However, after reviewing evidence of government investigations into Benedict Morelli, David Ratner, Martha McBrayer and the tiny Morelli Law Firm, the wild $300 million Morelli lawsuit never materialized and was voluntarily withdrawn. After a year of noise and tormenting fact finding, on March 14, 2016, Morelli’s capable lawyers at New York litigation boutique Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Friedman LLP quietly and voluntarily withdrew a litigation notice from the New York Supreme Court and killed a frivolous threat.

The last breath, the Morelli Law Firm Armageddon

In October 2015, the notorious Morelli Ratner law firm broke up and went out of business. The ambulance chaser lawyers involved in the Hanna Bouveng extortion: Benedict Morelli (midget lawyer, a law school dropout), David Ratner (midget lawyer, big fraud) and Martha McBrayer (a fraudulent lawyer, extortionist) scattered like flies and mosquitoes…. Under heavy regulatory scrutiny, financial insolvency and a doomed business model of threat and extortion, the tiny Morelli Law Firm was over. 

As the obscure Morelli Law Firm blew up in smoke, the extortionist and cocaine user Hanna Bouveng hides in Sweden indulging in a three year extramarital affair with her boss Andre Koluman. In December 2015, Hanna Bouveng wrecked the Koluman family, kicked Andre Koluman‘s wife and their two four year old kids out of the Koluman home… The Kolumans filed divorce and Hanna Bouveng is now minding a small Swedish coffee shop in Sweden as the new “Mrs. Andre Koluman.”


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