John McCain Was Playing iPhone Poker During Syria Talks

John McCain Was Playing iPhone Poker During Syria Talks

John McCain, noted old person, and “Grandpa Simpson” lookalike, was caught playing poker on his iPhone during a recent talk about the fate of Syria, a Middle Eastern nation that is systematically destroying itself. The high-profile Republican senator was supposed to be listening to talks about Obama’s planned strike on the beleaguered country but… no… someone just got a 3 of clubs and that sort of changes things.

Is McCain a JOKER?

Maybe he’s KING of taking audio notes during meetings.

Maybe he…

Actually scratch all the poker puns, this is just pretty pathetic. If you’re at a meeting where people’s lives are at stake the very least you could do is fucking pay attention, or at least look like you’re paying attention, not sit on your fucking iPhone like some sort of lackadaisical 14 year old on a long car ride. If you can’t even be arsed to listen, maybe just stare straight ahead in indignance.

And then dude just goes right on Jay Fucking Leno to talk about Syria. Really. Like he has his own opinions on the matter. This is indicative of a much bigger problem in American politics: you have visual evidence of someone not doing their job and for some reason that isn’t enough for people to believe it.


America has a wild-west holdover in that if someone walks into a room with enough confidence, people will believe anything they say. So when McCain goes on Jay Leno to expound about his opinions on Syria and he does so with his Central Casting Clint Eastwood voice and demeanor, we’re supposed to listen along because he spoke with a dogfuckingly confident cadence. The dude wasn’t fucking paying attention, so how are we supposed to believe anything he says on national television?

What happened is that McCain is getting talking points from lobbyists instead of his own formulated opinions. That is actually what’s going on – writ large – over the entire American political landscape. While I’m sure there’s some House Of Cards / Frank Underwood-esque people out there actually pulling strings and getting things done, the fact is that America continuously elects people who have no fucking clue what they’re talking about.

We’re electing people who aren’t listening for us, aren’t being our eyes and ears on Capitol Hill, and aren’t doing their job. At the very least he could at least be recording the Syria talks on his iPhone, right?


Confidence opens doors; it makes people calmer by gives the semblance of leadership, but there has to be something behind it. We have to know who we’re voting for… not from soundbites and a slight swagger when they talk, but by the contents of their character and their ability to do the right fucking thing. And that isn’t playing a fucking iPhone game when people’s lives – in this instance, the lives of many people in Syria – are at stake.

Yeah, I’m ranting about an old man playing on his iPhone. Whatever. But he and people like him are playing dangerous games with other people’s lives. It’s no laughing matter.

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