Virginia GOP Opens Rally with Anti-Semitic Joke


Everyone knows that when it comes to public speaking, start with a joke, preferably one that is unabashedly anti-Semitic. You know, to get the crowd warmed up.

No, not really. But here’s what happened. . .

I know many of you probably are not following the gubernatorial race in Virginia. I live across the river in Washington, DC, and can barely stand to even think about it. The race pits ultra-conservative and tea-party favorite Ken Cuccinelli against longtime Clinton aide Terry McAuliffe. No one in Virginia is terribly excited about the race, especially the state GOP leadership, who apparently has given up on producing sane and likable candidates.

Long story short, on Tuesday at a Cuccinelli rally in Virginia, 10th Congressional District GOP chairman, John Whitbeck whipped up the crowd with a little side-splitter about a representative of the Jewish faith arriving at the Vatican, greeting the new pope and handing him a “ceremonial piece of paper.” Upon reading it, the new pope quips, “well, that was a bill from the last supper.”

Okay. My retelling can’t do the joke justice. Watch the whole thing here:

A couple of things. First, yes, the joke was anti-Semetic and terribly inappropriate. We can all agree on that. Secondly, didn’t he really fumble through that? I mean, I’m not looking for anything too Nurembergy here, but if you are going to tell something as tacky as that, tell it well. Practice in front of the mirror a few times.

People are already comparing this to George Allen’s campaign-sinking “macaca moment” (remember that little gem:
And Cuccinelli’s campaign was quick to distance itself from the remarks and the rally, a difficult thing to do since Cuccinelli later spoke at said rally.

Cuccinelli is in real trouble. He hasn’t had a lead in the polls over the lukewarm McAuliffe in months. And McAuliffe has run ad after ad hammering away at Cuccinelli’s record. Truly, his record is one that will drive any tea party true believer into a state of overdose and to scare the bejesus out of anyone claiming to be anything near moderate.

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Let’s go over just a few of his greatest hits. This summer Cuccinelli wanted to reinstate the state’s sodomy law that the Supreme Court notably struck down in Lawerence v. Texas in 2003. This set Whoopi Goldberg of The View off (watch that here: In his role as the state’s attorney general, he instructed the Virginia university system that university official weren’t allowed to not discriminate against gays. Cuccinelli has advocated for even further restrictions on everything from divorce to abortion access. He infamously went after the University of Virginia for a climate change study. A well-known foe of the Affordable Health Care Act, he’s compared Obama’s landmark legislation to slavery.

Recently, Politico called Cuccinelli’s campaign all but over. Is buyer’s remorse finally settling in when it comes to tea party candidates? With two presidential election losses and Virginia itself trending bluer and bluer, how many electoral bloody noses does the GOP, statewide or national, intend to endure? The real problem is, as previously stated, the GOP’s problem producing sane and likable candidates.

But don’t take my word for it, just Google their candidate for Lieutenant Governor, E.W. Jackson.

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