Influencer Marketing, the Untapped Potential to Becoming a Millionaire

Influencer Marketing, the Untapped Potential to Becoming a Millionaire

Influencer marketing, the untapped potential

Influencer marketing consists of leveraging key leaders that have a particular brand and contractually using their image and likeness to tap into a larger market. Instead of marketing teams investing capital in selling to large groups of consumers, resources are instead allocated to hire already established individuals to get the word out for you. Influencer marketing stems from social media and content marketing, with social media single handily galvanizing the influencer marketing trend.

Social media is the birthplace of influencer marketing, with sites like YouTube and Twitter positioning personalities for viral popularity. These influencers have already done a significant part of the work that is typically allocated to marketing departments – they have fine-tuned their message, streamlined their ability to attract and retain the attention of their base, and have become hyper-connected to a disruptive form of media.


What Are The Benefits of Influencer Marketing?

  • Influencer marketing allows you to expand your reach. As mentioned, the influencer has done the bulk of the hard work – they are deemed as authoritative figures in their niche. Once you discover an influencer who is aligned with your company’s interests, then you will have easy access to their receptive audience.
  • Boost sales. Many ways that businesses are taking advantage of influencers is by giving them a discount code so that they could give it to their audience. A properly executed discount code can open up a wave of new customers. This is a win-win situation, since most influencers want to offer something unique to their followers to make them feel like they are part of a larger community, with businesses enjoying the merits of eager consumers.
  • Improve your business’s clout by using influencers to market competition. Competition is a powerful way of engaging customers and developing brand awareness. There’s benefit in launching a giveaway or online competition, especially when it’s done with the value proposition in mind.
  • Bank on the assurance of their followers and partner up to launch a new product. An influencer can be a direct link to your new product. Influencer marketing is often even more cost-effective than traditional advertisements since the influencer’s followers tend to be particularly responsive to messages coming from the influencer. This consumer behavior applies in particular to younger generations.

Influencer Marketing Done Right

  • In the past year, influencer marketing has taken the spotlight, with about 80% of businesses finding success with influencer marketing. Sephora is the masterminds behind Beauty Talk, a community of insiders stemming from different social media platforms to provide authentic, honest reviews of makeup products. Nikon also partnered with influencers during the Warner Sound Festival, equipping influencers with Nikon cameras, generating credibility for Nikon.

Take note that many influencers are aware of their impact and their value as a connection to their followers. It is best to approach influencers with authenticity and transparency – they’ve been approached before and are steadfast to deny the advances of companies that seem dubious or are not providing products or services that are relevant to their interests.


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