If Cubs Win World Series, Someone Wins ‘Back to the Future’ DeLorean

If 1989's 'Back to the Future II' is correct, the Chicago Cubs will win the 2015 World Series. If they do, someone wins a DeLorean replica from the movie. (Logo not included. That was all our doing.) (cardomain.com photo)

If 1989’s ‘Back to the Future II’ prediction is correct, the Chicago Cubs will win the 2015 World Series. If they do, someone will win a DeLorean replica from the movie. (Logo not included. That was all our doing.) (cardomain.com photo)

Chicago Cubs fans rejoice! This could be the year you win it all — if the prediction from 1989’s “Back To The Future II” comes true. But which is more likely to happen first, the Cubs winning a World Series or scientists inventing time travel? That’s clearly impossible to answer (sorry Cubbies crazies).

According to the movie, this should be the year your beloved North Siders finally win another World Series, or at least get back to the Fall Classic. If the Cubs somehow do win it all, one lucky devoted fan will get a throwback present to possibly travel into the past. Too bad the film’s important year of 1955 was 10 years after the baby bears made their last championship appearance.

While an Illinois dealership’s replica DeLorean from “Back To The Future II” won’t let you travel to 1945 when the Cubs were even in the Series, it is sure to be a conversation starter and, more importantly to the rest of us, a symbol that the end of the world will surely be coming soon.

The DeLorean, which is an exhibition model from 1981 valued at $85,000, has been on display at the Volo Auto Museum in Volo, Ill. since the late ’90s. The contest to win it will begin in late March, and visitors to the museum will be automatically entered to win the throwback to the ’80s, a time when not only the automaker was rumored to do fast things, but the baseball players were as well. The director of the museum said it will take entries through the end of the baseball season or until the Cubs are out of contention. If that happens, though, don’t fret: There will still be a movie-themed grand prize, a replica hover board prop.

But don’t hold your breath — half a century is more than enough time to suffocate from the stench of losing. Just think of it: A city of broad-shouldered residents, what could be more perfect than tearing down Lakeshore Drive in a souped-up classic after your beloved baseball team finally broke through to a magical land of success that has eluded them only since the end of World War II. The team has a good chance to be competitive this season, but to fulfill the prediction of the movie sequel, lots of things would have to fall just right.

No hunger strikes, please, you might need your strength because it’s not all that likely. So keep hitting up those delish Vienna beef hot dogs, Italian beef sandwiches with extra juice and giardiniera and 10-ton pizza slices. After all, if the Cubs don’t do it, which is pretty likely given the team’s awful history, you will need some comfort food to forget your baseball troubles.

So keep dreaming of the future, Cubs fans, the World Series and hover boards can’t be that far off — 2015, if only for Cubs fans, is the year they will clearly be rooting for fiction to become reality.

Noah Zuss is a reporter for TheBlot Magazine.

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