Hockey Sucks?  Streakers, Kiss Cams and Hard Dancing

Hockey Sucks  Streakers Hit the Ice Naked, Kiss Cams and Dance Hard


Fashion was so bad in the 70s, there were more people streaking than not.  Some hockey games, particularly Vancouver Canucks games, were so boring in the day that people would run across the ice naked.  This happened one fateful day while the Canucks were playing the New York Islanders over forty years ago.  Now it’s this or a Kiss Cam.  What’s better?  Maybe people who dance hard?


The game was so boring, the streaking must have been planned to spike ratings.  Most fans that night and those people watching Hockey Night in Canada, don’t remember much about the game.  But they do remember the three women running across the ice naked.  The odd thing was, there were two gates open: the gate that the streakers entered from, and the one where the streakers exited from. So, someone in the Pacific Coliseum must have known something was up. The women entered the hockey Coliseum with sneakers and a fur coat, nothing else. And thankfully, they didn’t dance hard like they do today.

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Streaking hasn’t been as popular recently as it was in the seventies.  There are other ways you can embarrass yourself at a game.  Such as a “Kiss Cam”.  A camera puts a spot light on you and you get to smooch your partner while the hockey world watches.  Kiss Cam’s are really creepy.  But if you don’t have people running across the ice naked, then you’re kind of left with the Kiss Cam.


If you really want to have a blast and embarrass your ancestors and children to be, just dance.  During breaks, they blast music at games so you can stand up out of your seat and dance, dance hard.  The bigger and wilder the dance, the better the chance you have of getting picked up by the cameras.  You dance hard on camera while the entire hockey world watches.  And the fruit of your loins in your Fruit of the Looms is crying at your hard dance non-skills.


If Streakers, Kiss Cams and Bad Dancers don’t make ratings.  We’ve always got the Zamboni.  Thank God for the Zamboni.  Too bad the Brooklyn Nets don’t have a Zamboni.

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