I Hated Running Until This Happened Last Week

I Hated Running Until This Happened Last Week


I have never been a “runner” but last week I went for a run and actually enjoyed myself.  But before I really hated it!  What a world!  Going for a run was something I absolutely never thought I would do. I love to dance, I love to walk, I love to bike. All of those activities are interesting and fatiguing but not boring. Running is boring. At least I thought it was. But last week I was traveling and didn’t have access to any of my normal classes or items, so I just took my sneakers and used my own body to work out. It was weird! But I liked it. Here are some more ways to actually enjoy going for a run:

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1. The right clothes – you need to wear the right clothes to actually enjoy yourself on a run. And as fall and winter approach (I know it’s awful, but it’s the truth) you need to go for sweat-wicking clothes. These are the ones that dry your sweat immediately so you don’t freeze to death from your own sweat while you’re running.

2. In the colder months you should also get gloves – having freezing cold hands is the fastest way to just run right back inside your apartment and forgo the run altogether. But having gloves will give you a fighting chance at actually completing that outdoor jog.


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3. Get a good running bag – a good bag will have compartments for everything you need to bring with you if you plan on going for a run. This would have been the perfect thing to pack with me on my trip. Oh well. Next time.

4. Make sure to have plenty of reflective gear – you don’t want to blend in with the night, that just gets dangerous!

5. And get your hands on some anti-chafing product – I know it sounds weird, but this actually happens to everyone, so no one should be embarrassed. Running is hard and your skin isn’t used to it. Help it out, it doesn’t want to chafe.

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