How to Keep Your Resolutions Alive

How to Keep Your Resolutions Alive

It’s the end of the second week of 2014. Holiday season festivities are long gone, and once again we are left with our old excuses for why we are not following through with the promises we made to ourselves for the New Year. I don’t want to sound so pessimistic so early in the game, but last night, I attended a seated dinner party where at some point during the evening, the subject “resolutions” was part of the conversation among 16 adults, and 80% of the attendees confessed that they had already given up their resolutions in the first week. From “it’s too cold” to “no time” to “too hard” and “too old,” some even came to the conclusion that they never should have even made resolutions in the first place.

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As I listened to these lovely guests, it occurred to me that we create these desires for change simply because most of us are not happy with ourselves and with our lives, but a lack of personal discipline and sometimes a weak life structure makes it impossible for us to change. After all, we are creatures of habits. With that in mind, I came up with some playful suggestions intended to give you a lighter approach to resolutions. These are not necessarily about meeting specific goals, but to inspire and remind you that life can always be better, that change is a transformation, and in order to change you have to adopt a more mature way to think about the outside world and yourself.

1. Get a New Hairstyle

This very simple and maybe silly action can be a major reminder for you to commit to becoming a new you. Don’t be afraid; it is only hair and it grows back.

2. Clean Your Closet Out

Get to work on cleaning out all the clutter that has no business being in your closet. Just let it go … this can serve to help you declutter in more important areas of your life.

3. Recycle Friends

Sometimes it is so hard to make new friends, but you would really do yourself a great favor if you start distancing yourself from those so-called friends who clearly are never there for you; even when they are, they are never uplifting. The same goes to relatives and co-workers.


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4. Stop the Self-Sabotage

Life is way too short for you to be the main obstacle in your own future. Stop dropping excuses about why things in your life are not how they should be; instead, change your attitude, be and do the best you can to achieve your goals and work hard on them. In other words, start to love yourself.

5. Be Realistic

Why would you have a long list of resolutions when you know you won’t be able to fulfill most of them? My advice is to start with only one and be disciplined about it. Don’t expect miracles — don’t dream about being the president of a bank if you are destined to be an artist. Get your priorities straight and align them with your capabilities.

6. Exercise

In the beginning of the year, “to lose weight” is perhaps the most popular resolution on everybody’s list, but let’s be honest: you will not lose weight magically unless you come up with a consistent diet paired with a workout regime. Stop pressuring yourself and understand that the habit of exercising is a way to keep your body and mind sane, especially when we are aging. If you can’t find two hours to work out daily, then devote half an hour of your day, go for a walk during your lunch break, do squats while in the shower, or work on your posture. Keeping your blood pumping will keep your will to be alive longer.


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7. Let Go of the Past

Nothing good comes from holding onto something from your past. Accept it, make amends with it and move on. It is the only way for real personal improvement, and in doing so, perhaps you will no longer feel the need to make resolutions every year.

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