The New High Tech Weddings Are All the Rage

The New High Tech Weddings Are All the Rage


Wedding planning still sounds like the most outrageous waste of time and money on the planet, but at least if there’s tech involved, you know you are doing the best you can.  The more I think about it, the more I want my wedding to have zero planning. I want to buy separated off the rack and clean out my local flower shop day-of. I want everyone to stand, a friend to officiate, and a local food truck to park outside. But I want it to be easy and simple.  Because the happiest day of my life should not also be the most stressful. But, if tech can help me, maybe a bigger wedding will be worth it? High tech weddings are getting ever more popular and are becoming the trendy rage.  But will high tech make a bigger wedding go seamlessly?  Let’s find out:

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1. Use online wedding planners: most people are turning to Wedding Wire and The Knot. These sites help you get everything done within your budget and timeline. They offer mobile apps, customer reviews, and links to all the necessary information. Sounds good to me!

2. To customize, you will have to eventually talk to a human: you can’t just click click click and get your personalized wedding planned. To get everything to be perfect you will eventually have to talk to some people, on the phone and/or in person. Every time you customize a moment or add a personalized touch, the price goes up, so be wary.


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3. Read EVERY review: this is super helpful AND important. Reading what other people have to say is the best way to find out what a vendor is actually like. If you read the reviews before buying a toilet scrubber on Amazon, you better read the reviews of your potential wedding venues.

4. Buy stuff online, but not everything – there are so many cheap easy ways to send invites, make websites, and order decorations. This can (and should) be done online. What shouldn’t be bought online? What you’re going to wear.

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